DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Preview

DC HeroClix Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Mordru!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

In the upcoming DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes set, where would our heroes be if it was not for a great advisory. Mordru the Merciless is a primary foe to the Legion of Super Heroes and is arguably one of the team’s most powerful enemies.


(Spoiler Alert) Mordru has a Morph trait called Change Size. You may give Mordru a power action, or when he takes damage from an opponent’s attack, you may replace him with SLOSH #101 Mordru on the same click number. Don’t worry SLOSH #101 Mordru has a similar trait that lets him change back.

Mordru has another trait called Mystical Relics; when Mordru makes a relic roll, modify the result by +2. Once per game you may give Mordru a double power action and place a relic that is 15 points or less from outside the game into his square. Rings, Lassos, or Utility Belt items on my!!

Mordru starts out with 3 clicks of Phasing/Teleport and a special power called Limitless Magic. This will allow you to give Mordru a free action and choose a standard attack power. Mordru can use that power until the beginning of your next turn.

Only if there was some creative way to give Mordru a movement power that would then allow him to use that standard attack power, something like Running Shot or Charge… Oh wait a minute… what was that MC’s song… it was very popular in the 80’s… anyway I think you see where I am going with this.

For defense Mordru starts with 2 clicks of Impervious and then switches to a special power called Molecular Magic, which allows him to use Invincible. It also allows you to give Mordru a free action if he has two action tokens and place a standard light object from outside the game in his square.

This object could serve Mordru in a wide variety of ways. Mordru could pick it up once he gains Super Strength but as he stands on it could also add +1 to defense as hindering terrain if he was targeted by a range combat attack. With Mordru’s Mystical Relic trait maybe you brought into the game the NML S107 Batman Cowl and maybe Mordru picked it up, well now as a flying giant he could produce his own stealth cover.

Mordru starts the game with Outwit for 2 clicks and then switches to Perplex for the next 2 clicks. On click 4 Mordru picks up Charge and Super Strength for 3 clicks. On click 5 Mordru gains a special power called Lord of Chaos, which will allow Mordru to use Probability Control. Opposing characters within his 8 range value and line of fire can’t use Probability Control or the Mystics team ability.

On clicks 7 and 8 Mordru regains Phasing/Teleport and his Limitless Magic special power and ends his 8 click dial with a 19 defense and Impervious.

Mordru is a 200 point Indomitable, Flying, Giant with the Mystics team ability. For his keywords Mordru has Future, Legion of Super Villains, Mystical, and Ruler.

Thanks for reading and be sure to continue to check back as we look at figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes set. Until then, Shape Change for the Win!!