DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Preview

DC HeroClix Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Daxamite and Mon-El!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

To celebrate the release of  DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes  set, we are pleased to present a pair of powerful previews!  Today, we bring you a member of an alien race related to Kryptonians, and there greatest champion.  First up, Daxamite!


Daxamite is the common figure in the set with a Prime figure associated with it. Daxamite #005a can be played in theme with other figures with the generic Cosmic keyword, or with other figures with the Servant of the Great Darkness keyword. Daxamite has the option to be played as a 122 point figure, or for only 100 points.

Daxamite has a trait called Under Darkseid’s Control, which says that if a friendly character named Darkseid is on the map, Daxamite modifies his attack by +1 and defense by -1.  He also has an improved targeting ability called X-Ray Vision allowing him to ignore hindering terrain for line of fire proposes.

On his 122 point starting line, Daxamite takes the battle to his opponent with his 6 range and Running Shot.  Energy Explosion will let him do damage to characters adjacent to his target.  And keeping him safe for nearly half his dial is Invulnerability.  A click into his dial and he will trade Running Shot for Hypersonic Speed. 

Click 3 is the 100 point starting line for Daxamite.  He will again start with Running Shot for a click before switching to Hypersonic Speed.  On these clicks he will be able to ignore damage reducers for range combat attacks as he now has Penetrating/Psychic Blast.  Also giving more power to his range combat attacks is the ability to modify his attack and damage by +1 each, or either one by +2 with Range Combat Expert.  And this section of dial sees Daxamite’s last click of Invulnerability before switching to Toughness for most of the rest of his dial.

The last bit of his dial sees Daxamite take things more up close and personal as he now has Charge to take the fight right to an opposing figure.  Helping him dish out more damage is the ability to grab an object on the way with Super Strength.  And once adjacent to an opposing figure, Daxamite can be given a power action to modify his attack and damage by +1 each, or either one by +2 with Close Combat Expert.  On his last click, Daxamite can attempt to go out swinging with Close Combat Expert or try to heal with his only click of Regeneration.

Next up, we have a look at a leader of the Legion of Super Heroes and future Green Lantern, Mon-El!


Mon-El  #005b is the Prime version of Daximite.   Mon-El has a trait called Man of Valor, allowing him to share his defense value with adjacent friendly figures with Defend, as well as modify their defense by an additional +1.  Mon-El has the wildcard Legion of Super Heroes team ability, as well as the Superman Ally team ability, allowing him to draw lines of fire ignoring hindering terrain, making for not having the improved targeting ability of Daximite.   He can be played in theme using the Future, Past, and Legion of Super Heroes keywords.

Mon-El begins play with a good chunk of clicks of move and attack with Hypersonic Speed.  Aiding him in his attacks is a long 10 range, cut in half when hypersonic speeding, as well as Super Strength, allowing him to grab an object with which to pummel a foe, adding to his already solid printed 4 damage.  At 175 points, Mon-El’s Leadership will be able to pull a token off almost any figure he is teamed up with on a successful roll, as well as adding another token to your action pool.  Keeping him safe from harm, Impervious let him reduce damage if not avoid it altogether.

A few clicks into his dial, Mon-El begins to switch things up a bit.  As he sees his last click each of Super Strength and Hypersonic Speed, Range Combat Expert will let him modify his attack and damage by +1 each, or either one by +2 with for his range combat attacks.  A good stretch of Invincible will allow him to ignore half of the damage dealt to him.  After Super Strength leaves the dial, Quake will lock his damage value at 2 and hit all adjacent opposing figures.

At the end of his dial, Mon-El goes down swinging as he has the ability to make two close combat attacks with Flurry.  Or, he can choose to increase his attack and damage by +1 each, or either one by +2 with Close Combat Expert.  And protecting him from a good bit of damage is Invulnerability. 

That’s all we have for now.  Be sure to check back as we bring you more previews from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes  set!