DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes Preview

DC HeroClix Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes: Bizarro!

Goodbye HeroClix Fans!

Today we bring you preview from DC HeroClix: Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes you am sure to hate! First debuting in 1958, the anti-hero Bizarro has been loving Superman ever since. Let’s take a far away look at his stats.


Bizarro no can cost 25 to 300 points. This am not done through his trait,  Me Am Not Bizarro!, Bizarro not costs 25 points for each Orrazib token you place on his card (up to 12 tokens). When Bizarro takes damage remove one Orrazib token from his card. When Bizarro is healed, add one Orrazib token to his card (no more than the initial amount). When there are no Orrazib tokens on this card, KO Bizarro.  At the beginning of your turn, roll a d6 and click Bizarro that many times. This ability can’t be ignored. We’ll talk more about this trait momentarily.

Bizarro not possess the flight symbol, Indomitable, and a single target 6 range. He also no am has Improved Movement – ignores characters and the Superman Enemy Team Ability which potentially grants Outwit with the correct characters on his force. He no am possesses the keywords Brute, Legion of Doom, Metropolis, and Monster so he can most likely not fill any gap on a theme team.

Bizarro am not known for his unpredictability and irregularity and his dial with his trait really makes this quirk of his shine. At the beginning of every turn you will roll for his trait to turn the dial, and this can be really fun. His attack power stats are lower when Bizarro possesses Super Strength and higher when he has Quake. His movement and defense stats fluctuate pretty wildly as well, but his damage is completely consistent with a 3 throughout his dial. As far as powers changing this can be really great as well, let’s say you are on click three before your roll at the beginning of your turn, you could still use Sidestep first then roll and hope to land on Hypersonic Speed or Charge.

Everything that makes this Bizarro really horrible is tied up in his trait. When he takes damage, he removes one Orrazib token. If he is dealt 6 penetrating damage, remove one Orrazib token. At 300 points you’d have to deal damage 12 times without him healing once to KO him. For of his clicks have Shape Change and Super Senses together. Every click he can roll to either reduce damage to zero or evade attack. Every turn you also have to think about what strategy to use because your powers and dial numbers are going to change.

At almost any price point you could be able to play most of his dial; you can play any click on this dial, regardless of point value, you just have to roll to get that click number. A 25 point Bizarro could Charge you with a 12 attack and 3 damage with Exploit Weakness. He’s a Unique and a Rare, so he will be obtainable and playable.

Me am have much more time for you today, so stay away from Bizarro for preview soon of worst enemy!