DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham Preview

DC HeroClix Streets of Gotham: Ice!

Greetings, HeroClix fans!

For today’s DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham preview, we return to the pages of Justice League International to bring you Fire’s closest pal and Guy Gardner’s favorite gal, Ice!


Speaking of the brash Green Lantern, Ice hits the battle map with a trait, Unlikely Couple, which plays on her on-again, off-again romance with Guy Gardner.  With Unlikely Couple, when a friendly character named Guy Gardner is adjacent to Ice they both modify their attack values by +1 if not already modified by this trait.

Coming in at 64 points, Ice begins her dial with three clicks of Running Shot as she storms into battle.  That’s followed by two clicks of Plasticity as Ice’s opponents discover that she’s too cold to hold.

Ice has three clicks of Incapacitate to start off her attack slot as she immobilizes opponents in her icy grip.  With Ice’s range of six and two targets, Incapacitate can be really handy in tying up opposing characters and is usable with the free ranged combat action granted by Running Shot.

In her defense slot, Ice starts with three clicks of Barrier as she creates a frozen fortress to keep opposing characters at a distance.  On her last two clicks, Ice switches to Defend as protect her allies and herself with an ice shield.

At 64 points, Ice is a viable choice to back up your main attackers and can even hold her own with the Unlikely Couple trait.  Thematically, Ice can be played on teams utilizing the Deity, Global Guardians, Justice League, and Justice League International keywords.  Ice also has the Justice League team ability, so her move actions don’t count toward your pool of available actions for the turn.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us next time as we reveal more secrets from the DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham set!