DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham Preview

DC HeroClix Streets of Gotham: Blue Beetle!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we spotlight another character from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham set as we continue our “Blue and Gold” week here on HeroClix.Com.  Today’s preview is an accomplished inventor and wise-cracking hero.  We are pleased to present Ted Kord, better known as the Blue Beetle!

To represent Kord’s inventive flair and non-lethal tactics, Blue Beetle has a special power throughout his entire dial called BB Gun. This special power allows Blue Beetle’s ranged combat attacks to cause knock back, with the target reducing knockback damage by -1.  Additionally, if the attack roll is doubles, the amount of squares the target is knocked back is doubled.

Blue Beetle isn’t simply content to blast his foes back though, as he has always been a highly skilled close combatant and his dial reflects this very well.  A full dial of Combat Reflexes demonstrates just how difficult he is to hit in close combat while an opening click of Charge allows Blue Beetle to take the fight to an opponent.

Mid-dial, Blue Beetle switches tactics a bit and pummels his foe (or foes) as he cuts loose thanks to Flurry.  Blue Beetle further demonstrates his acrobatic agility with Leap/Climb on last two clicks, allowing him to move with ease about the battlefield or attack opponents regardless of elevationBlue Beetle also has a couple of clicks showing off his invention abilities with Perplex.

Blue Beetle has plenty of theme team options with the Birds of Prey, Justice League, Justice League International, Pilot, and Scientist keywords, and  the Justice League team ability will allow Blue Beetle to move without using one of your available actions.  At 61 points, Blue Beetle can be an effective close combat tie up piece on any force you choose to include him on.

Lastly, and certainly not least, the Blue Beetle also has a trait called Beetle’s Bug that allows you to modify by +1 the speed and attack values of The Bug when he is the pilot of it.  How good are these modifiers?  Be sure to come back on Friday as we unveil The Bug from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Batman set! Until then be sure to keep your Clix off their K.O.’s!