DC HeroClix: No Man's Land organized play Preview

DC HeroClix No Man’s Land: Gotham City Waterfront!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we take a look at the penultimate territory up for grabs during month five of the DC HeroClix: Batman No Man’s Land Organized Play series, the Gotham Waterfront!  Maps for the Gotham Waterfront are included in the Month Five OP kits for the No Man’s Land OP series.  Like the previous maps in the series, Gotham Waterfront features pre- and post-quake sides.  (Click on images below to enlarge.)


The Gotham Waterfront (pre-quake) is primarily an outdoor map that features two docked cargo ships, plenty of storage bins that provide elevated or hindering terrain, and water terrain (naturally).  There are also two warehouses which create indoor terrain.  The majority of each starting area are tucked behind a warehouse.  For those players who like to engage in battle quickly, between each warehouse and cargo ship is a two-square wide strip of clear terrain that runs the entire length of the map.

Between the warehouses on the Gotham Waterfront map are a few rows of cargo containers that create elevated terrain.  There’s also a strip of hindering terrain made by stacks of wooden crates.  Inside each warehouse are mazes of more stacked crates that provide elevated terrain.  Oil drums and forklifts offer hindering terrain inside the warehouses.  The cargo ships themselves create clear grounded terrain and feature a lone square of elevated terrain on the bow (front).  On one ship, there are crates and oil drums that offer some hindering terrain.  The other ship has storage bins that create elevated terrain.


The biggest changes to the Gotham Waterfront (post-quake) map involve the warehouses and cargo ships.  The earthquake has caused both ships to collide into one another and has ignited blazes inside both warehouses.  Two Gotham City Police Department boats have arrived and offer some clear terrain on which to fight.  The once-clear grounded area between the two warehouses has become treacherous, with parts of the pier falling into the water.

Like the other maps in the No Man’s Land OP series, the Gotham Waterfront has a suggested scenario that is included on the instruction sheet for the Month Four OP kit.  The scenario reads:  QUAKE: At the end of each player’s turn, that player rolls 2d6.  On a result of 3 or less, replace this map with the Gotham Waterfront (post-quake) map.  Characters are placed in the same square they currently occupy on the new map.  Any character that now is illegally placed is dealt one (1) unavoidable damage and is moved to the next closest square(s) it can occupy by its controller.”

Adding to the destruction of the Gotham Waterfront’s landscape are orange squares that have replaced some of the hindering and elevated terrain on the ship and inside the warehouses.  The orange squares have special rules for play:  “Orange squares are fire terrain.  These squares are treated as blocking terrain and can’t be destroyed.”

Again, prior to the event players must declare their allegiance to one of the six No Man’s Land gangs:  GCPD, Batman, Joker, Two-Face, Killer Croc or Black Mask.  Each gang is represented by its own unique symbol.  At the completion of the event, the gang with the most accumulated event points has conquered the Gotham Waterfront for their gang and tags that location on the laminated Gotham City map with their Gang Token.  Our global No Man’s Land Gotham City map presently shows the GCPD in the lead with Killer Croc’s gang rounding out the standings.  Can Killer Croc capture the Gotham Waterfront or will the GCPD extend its lead?  We’ll find out next time; same Bat time, same Bat channel!

Thank you for joining us today for this special DC HeroClix: No Man’s Land map review!  Please join us in a few weeks as we amuse you by revealing the final territory of the No Man’s Land OP series!  HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!