DC HeroClix: No Man's Land Preview

DC HeroClix No Man’s Land: Gotham City Power Plant!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

As we gear up for month 3 of the  DC HeroClix: Batman No Man’s Land Organized Play event, we bring you the next territory your players will do battle for, Gotham City Power Plant.  Like previous maps, the Gotham City Power Plant will be included in Month Three Organized Play (OP) kits for use in your store’s No Man’s Land OP series, and like the 2 previous months maps, it features pre- and post-(earth)quake sides. (Click on images below to enlarge)


Gotham City Power Plant (pre-quake) is a multi level map that depicts the power plant and the swamp area near it.  One player has their starting area in the swamp area.  Bushes will provide cover as their force moves in on the power plant, and patches of water will make movement more challenging for figures that don’t have a means to move through it with ease.   As this force gets into the middle of the map, concrete singles dry land at last, and a truck parked off to the side will provide one more bit of cover before the climb up the face of the power plant itself is made on one of two ladders.

Down the left side of the Gotham City Power Plant (pre-quake) map is an alleyway, with two power line structures as areas of blocking terrain.  On the right side of the roof of the power plant (level 2 of the map) are a few smoke columns as blocking terrain.  Running down the roof, near the middle is another, higher roof (level 3 of the map).  It is accessible by a ladder on either side of it, and has a square of hindering terrain, as well as two more power line structures as blocking terrain.  To the left of this roof, is a larger open space on level 2 with some HAVC units as hindering terrain.  The second player will start along the back of the roof, on both levels 2 and 3.


Gotham City Power Plant (post-quake) retains some of the elements on one end of the map, and something rather different on the other.  The power plant itself has suffered destruction that has ripped a chunk out of the middle.  Level 3 remains unchanged, and both ladders to access it are intact, as is the area to the right with the smoke stacks.  Level 2 now has a small path around level 3 to the left, with some rubble to climb to the next level.  The starting area on this end of the map now occupies 3 levels.  A small bit of roof has rubble to climb up it, and the area of level 2 on the left of the map now has rubble to climb up to it at 2 points, as well as the ladder still at the end.    The concrete area of the map is unchanged.

The swamp area of the Gotham City Power Plant (post-quake) map has been replaced with raised platform structures offering levels 2 and 3 on this end of the map as well, and the player starting on this end of the map will start on both of them.  The right corner of this end of the map features a throne area on level 3, with columns of blocking terrain around its edge and stairs on the front and left side.  To the front and left of this is an area with more columns of hindering terrain, as well as stairs in the front and to the left down to level 1.  Along the back, level 2 continues to the left, with a raised platform of level 3 in front of it.  The area in front of the truck features a platform that has areas of level 2 and 3 on it.

Like the previous months maps, Gotham City Power Plant has a suggested scenario that is included on the instruction sheet for the Month Two OP kit.  The scenario reads:  QUAKE: At the end of each player’s turn, that player rolls 2d6.  On a result of 3 or less, replace this map with the Wayne Manor (post-quake) map.  Characters are placed in the same square they currently occupy on the new map.  Any character that now is illegally placed is dealt one (1) unavoidable damage and is moved to the next closest square(s) it can occupy by its controller.

As with previous No Man’s Land tournaments, prior to the event players will declare their allegiance to one of the six No Man’s Land gangs:  GCPDBatmanJokerTwo-FaceKiller Croc or Black Mask.  Each gang is represented by its own unique symbol.  At the completion of the event, the gang with the most accumulated event points has conquered Gotham City Power Plant for their gang and tags that location on the laminated Gotham City map with their Gang Token.

Thank you for joining us today for this special DC HeroClix: No Man’s Land map review!  Please join us next time when we take another look at a key battleground in Gotham City, in the meantime be sure to check back next week and see who is in the lead for Month 3 on our global No Man’s Land Gotham City map!