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DC HeroClix Monthly OP Kit: Cheshire!



Greetings HeroClix fans!

Thanks for joining us for another preview from the DC HeroClix: 2014 Gen13 Monthly Organized Play kit! Today’s figure, Cheshire, can be used with the Villains for Hire team base found in the DC HeroClix: The Teen Titans set.


Cheshire has a mid-range cost of 105 points and for that cost she brings a large arsenal. She has the Improved Movement ability ignores elevated terrain and ignores hindering terrain. Her trait, Experimentation and Immunity, says Cheshire can use Poison and Stealth, and does not take damage from opposing characters’ use of Poison.

Her dial starts with the special power Flurry of Poisonous Fingernails. It says Cheshire can use Charge. When she does she can use Improved Movement ignores characters and doesn’t halve her speed value when doing so. After actions resolve, deal 1 damage to each character occupying a square she moved through. So with a full 10 movement, when Cheshire charges, she can deal damage potentially to an entire team. Also, don’t forget to move through the square of the character you attack to deal that one extra damage! Her Precision Strike won’t help making that damage stick, but it still will with her Charge attack. Her Toughness will make hits against her hurt less and her Shape Change can prevent her getting attacked at all.

On Cheshire’s 3rd click, she gets Blades/Claws/Fangs, Combat Reflexes, and another special power, Paralyzing Poison. It states when Cheshire damages an opposing character, that character modifies their speed and attack values by -2 until your next turn. This of course will work with her Poison (from her Trait) and her special attack power when she deals damage moving through opposing characters squares as well. On her last 2 clicks she loses her special attack power and gains Sidestep instead.

Cheshire can wildcard with her Calculator team ability and be on a number of theme teams with the keywords of Assassin, Martial Artist, Secret Six, and Villains for Hire. When used with the Villains for Hire team base, she can be a assigned to it and use the T003 Titans: Villains for Hire slot. It allows for when Cheshire uses Solo Adventure, you may instead place Cheshire adjacent to The Mark. Cheshire may then make a close combat attack against The Mark as a free action.

Thanks for viewing this preview and be sure to stay close by for the next preview from the DC HeroClix: 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit!