DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Martian Manhunter & Despero!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Welcome to another exciting preview from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League- Trinity War set! Today, we have brand new figures from two classic DC characters – neither of which have been seen in a 5-figure booster release in quite some time!


Up first, and hailing from the Red Planet of Mars is J’onn J’onnz – the Martian Manhunter! This version of the Manhunter is full of options and powers, and can be played at 300, 200, or 100 points! Right out of the gate, you can see that the Martian Manhunter not only Improved Movement – Ignores Characters, but also 2 traits.

The first trait, Martian Telepathy, is only in effect when the Martian Manhunter is played at his 300 point starting line. This trait is a huge help to the Manhunter, as it results in opposing forces subtracting 1 from their action total (if not already reduced by another effect). One-man armies are sometimes dangerous to run, but this helps even the odds out! Coupled with that, J’onn also has a trait called There Are Many Ways to Hide In Plain Sight, which gives him a myriad of powers inherent to native martians – Phasing/Teleport, Shape Change, and Stealth.

There’s a lot happening with this dial, so lets dive a little deeper into his abilities. For his movement powers and values, the Martian Manhunter begins with a 10 movement, and then bounces around, bottoming out at a 7. With that, however, are four signature powers – Hypersonic Speed, Running Shot, Charge, and Mind Control. His attack opens with a 12 and steadily drops down to a 9, with the powers Precision Strike, Super Strength, Penetrating/Psychic Blast, and Telekinesis. While he can only target one character, he can do so from 7 squares away – so don’t be afraid to position for a long-range assault!

Defensively, he opens with a 19, before progressing down to a 16 at his lowest point. He’s Indomitable, so pushing him is always an option – and why wouldn’t you? Super Senses, Invincible, Impervious, and Regeneration will keep the Martian Manhunter in the fight! Of course, going toe-to-toe with Superman means his damage should be significant, and it is – he starts with a 5, and never dips below a 3, meaning the Martian Manhunter will be breaking damage reducers throughout his entire dial. Couple those high combat values with Probability Control, Perplex, Outwit, and Ranged Combat Expert, and you’ve got a damage dealer and an in-a-pinch support piece that will decimate opponents.

Along with the Police team ability, the Martian Manhunter comes built for theme teams on Detective, Justice League of America, and Stormwatch squads. With useful powers on every click and in every slot, he adds significant punch to each of those teams, and brings some great back rear guard support to supplement areas that might be lacking.

Of course, opposite one of DC’s signature heroes, you have to have one of the greatest villains the DC Universe has ever seen, and one of the first villains the Justice League of America ever faced, and who better than Despero?


Making his first appearance in the game since the DC HeroClix Arkham Asylum set, Despero is back in a big way. Despero begins by having Improved Movement – Ignores Characters, as well as a trait called Psychic Juggernaut. This trait states that Despero can’t be the target of Incapacitate, Mind Control, Outwit, or Penetrating/Psychic Blast by characters of a lower point value. Given that he has starting lines of 235 and 165 points, he’s going to be protected from those powers from quite a few characters!

A true powerhouse, Despero begins with high combat values on all his clicks, before eventually slowing down towards the end of his dial. With that, he has a myriad of powers. On movement, he begins with Running Shot, before transitioning into Mind Control, Charge, Sidestep, and finally back to Mind Control to close out his dial. On attack, he has Penetrating/Psychic Blast, and Super Strength as standard powers, as well as a special power called Psychic Transference. This special power grants Despero the use of Steal Energy, allowing him to use it normally, or during ranged attacks that target a single character. To make this even more impressive, you’ll increase the amount healed by 1 for each of the following powers that target can use: Incapacitate, Mind Control, Outwit, or Penetrating/Psychic Blast.

Defensively, Despero runs the spectrum of damage reducers, starting with Invincible, before moving down the line through Impervious, Invulnerability, and Toughness. His damage only has two powers, the standard power Outwit, and the special power Mind Hunter. Mind Hunter grants Despero the option to modify either his attack or damage by +1 if he targets an opposing character that can use Incapacitate, Mind Control, Outwit, or Penetrating/Psychic Blast.  It’s no accident that through most instances of his special powers on his dial, he can use both Psychic Transference and Mind Hunter together!

While Despero can only be played in a theme team on Secret Society of Super Villains teams, his powers, abilities, and overall wrecking ball-like combat values will make him a powerful member of any squad you want to run.  Despero is going to be a major player in sealed events, so prepare accordingly!

That’s all for today, HeroClix fans! Join us next time for even more exciting previews from the DC HeroClix Justice League: Trinity War set. Until then, sidestep to victory!