DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Lex Luthor & Mazahs!

Greeting HeroClix Fans!

Today we have a quick preview from the soon to be released DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set, we have two characters to previews, both with the name Alexander Luthor but from different Earth’s. Lex Luthor from Earth One and Mazahs! from Earth 3. First up, Lex Luthor!


Lex Luthor has no super powers, rather he is a human that wears a battle suit that grants him super human strength, flight, and different types of energy projection and protection. He has 2 point values, 200 and 100 points. At all point values he has the Flier and Indomitable combat abilities along with a single target 7 range. Lex Luthor also has the Superman Enemy and Calculator team abilities and the keywords Celebrity, Injustice League, Justice League, Legion of Doom, Metropolis, Politician, and Ruler so creating a theme team with him will be easy.

Lex Luthor has the trait Right Under Their Noses. It says Lex Luthor begins the game with a Subterfuge token on his card. When Lex Luthor has a Subterfuge token on his card, opposing characters can only target him if they began the turn adjacent to him. When Lex Luthor targets an opposing character with an attack, remove all Subterfuge tokens from his card. Lex Luthor may not have a dual identity like some superheroes and supervillains, but he does have one. His public figure of CEO of LexCorp, philanthropist, and politician and his hidden persona of a megalomaniacal narcissistic power hungry all around villain. This trait shows his duality when he is forced to show his hand.

At his 200 point level, Lex Luthor is a formidable opponent that you’d prefer to field than have fielded against you. His top click starts with Running Shot, Pulse Wave, Impervious, and the special damage power The Syndicate is Bad for Business. It allows Lex Luthor to use Leadership and Outwit. When he uses Leadership and succeeds, he may instead remove the action token from a friendly character with theInjustice League keyword within 3 squares and regardless of point value. His trait allows him to get into a good first strike position with little fear of retaliation from an opponent’s attack.  Once he’s in a good position, he can unleash the potent combo of Running Shot and Pulse Wave.  He’ll lose his Subterfuge token, but he should hopefully have dealt some good damage to the opponent’s force.

Lex Luthor’s 2nd click only changes defense from Impervious to Invulnerability. His 3rd click does a complete change in lineup of powers. His battle suit changes to a close combat strategy. Charge, Super Strength, Toughness, and Exploit Weakness. With an ultra-heavy object, Lex could do 7 damage to an opposing character, but at this point, realize that you will have to remove his Subterfuge token since close combat attacks target characters.

At 100 points, he only has 4 clicks of life, so you’ll want to utilize his trait as long as possible before you expose him to attacks. His top 2 clicks both have Charge, Super Strength, and his special power, The Syndicate is Bad for Business. His defense is Invulnerability, then Toughness on his 2nd click. His third click he gets another special power, Back Underground that says when this click is revealed, add a Subterfuge token to Lex Luthor’s card. This same click he has Regeneration and Exploit Weakness. His last click he gains Earthbound/Neutralized and still retains Regeneration. It is possible to heal him back to his top click at 100 points, his 2nd click at 200 points where he can start all over again.


Mazahs! is Earth 3’s version of Shazam! who can take the powers of others he kills. His trait Your Death Brings Me Power states when Mazahs! KO’s an opposing character, choose a standard power that character possessed on any click. Mazahs! can use that power for the rest of the game. A lot of lower point characters have really desirable powers and typically they can be KO’d fairly easily by characters like Mazahs! Stealth, Energy Shield/Deflection, Super Senses, Shape Change, and others can be had, sort of like a magic buffet of powers. A potential strategy is to go after the smaller pieces that can hinder you

Mazahs! dial is 8 click long and he has the Flier and Indomitable combat abilities along with a single target 7 range just like his opposite above. He has the Mystical keyword and the Mystics team ability which can sometimes give your opponent pause about attacking a character possessing it.  His point cost of 210 is a large portion of a 300 point build, but he has the maneuverability and the combat stats to win if he has the support he needs.

Mazahs! starts his dial with Hypersonic Speed and Invincible. His 2nd click he has Probability Control. His 3rd click he briefly steps down to Invulnerable and gains a special attack power called The Dark Lightning. It states Mazahs! can use Pulse Wave. When he does, after actions resolve, each opposing character hit by the attack must choose a power it possesses. All other powers on these characters are countered until your next turn. This power doesn’t work well with Hypersonic Speed but it does remarkably well with the Running Shot he possesses for his next 3 clicks. His defensive powers cycle back through Invincible to Invulnerability to Toughness on click 6. His final 2 clicks he obtains Sidestep and Ranged Combat Expert.

Mazahs! is a capable character that can do some real damage, but what really can push him to the next level is the ability to take the powers of others characters he KO’s. Equip him with characters that can keep him in the battle or protect him while he is resting, you’ll have a good chance of winning the battle and becoming the hero Alexander Luthor believes he is.

Thanks for reading through todays preview and be sure to continue to check back with us as we preview more figures from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set!



EDIT: Edited to reflect correct usage of Pulse Wave.  All attacks, in fact, all lines of fire, involve a target (unless the game effect says otherwise).