DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Green Lantern & Power Ring!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome to another exciting preview from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set coming to a game store near you February 2015! Today we have two different Power Ring bearers from two different universes. Up first, Green Lantern!

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Simon Baz was chosen by Hal Jordan’s and Thaal Sinestro’s fused rings and became an officer in the Green Lantern Corps. For less than 100 points, (96 to be exact), this rookie Green Lantern has the will to be worth even more. With the Flier symbol, a single target 7 range, the Justice League team ability, and the Green Lantern team ability which allows him to carry up to 8 characters out on the battlefield. Add his keywords Green Lantern Corps and Justice League of America and you’ll easily find a place for Simon on your team.

Green Lantern will be an excellent follow-up attacker and support piece as well. The beginning of his dial we see a good mixture of powers that signify what a corpsman can be. Use him to ferry your team out onto the map with his 11 movement, or use Telekinesis to put attackers out immediately to start attacking and push him next turn to Charge or move him to utilize Enhancement for your other characters ranged attacks. Be careful with his placement though, he can be seen as an enticing target for your opponent since he has no damage reducers anywhere on his dial.

On click 4, Green Lantern refines his strategy to ranged attack piece. He now has Running Shot, Ranged Combat Expert and two special powers. The first, Willpower Through My Gun, is a special attack power that allows Green Lantern to use Improved Targeting: Ignores hindering terrain, Ignores opposing characters, and may make a ranged combat attack targeting adjacent opposing characters. This will work really well with his Ranged Combat Expert, and against an opposing characters Combat Reflexes as well.

Green Lantern’s second special power is a defense power. Protecting My New Friends allows Green Lantern to use Barrier and Combat Reflexes. When he uses Barrier, he may place one additional blocking terrain marker adjacent to each friendly character within range and with the Justice League of America keyword. These additional markers don’t need to be adjacent to other markers. The utility in the special power cannot be overly emphasized. Use Barrier to create a protective shield that will allow you to use Pulse Wave targeting a single character. You can have 4 Barrier tokens plus however many have the keyword. You could box an opposing character in to allow your other characters to clear for a turn and then go for the attack! Or just make a fortress to rest your teammates to allow them to rally on their next turn.

Next up, a Green Lantern that’s not here to protect you…

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Power Ring is the nefarious counterpart of Hal Jordan of Earth-OneHal Jordan of Earth-3 was merely an aircraft cleaner when Abin Sur crash landed into Earth-3’s Coast City. Because he was weak-willed, he was chosen by the ring of Volthoom, and was easily tricked by into taking the ring. Wielding it now causes him to feel immense physical and psychological pain.

Power Ring has a point value of 70 you get a dial that is 6 clicks deep.. For this cost he gets the Flier and Sharpshooter combat symbols and a single target range of 6. He possesses the Crime Syndicate team ability and the keywords Cosmic, Crime Syndicate, and Herald. His trait The Ring Is Killing Me is a great representation of how Power Ring is hurt by his ring. It says when Power Ring is given a non-free action other than a move action, after actions resolve roll a d6. On a result of 1 or 2, deal him 1 unavoidable damage.

His top click starts with Telekinesis and Energy Shield/Deflection and two special powers, We’re Going Somewhere? and Power of Volthoom’s Ring. Let’s look at We’re Going Somewhere? first, it says Power Ring can use Phasing/Teleport. When Power Ring uses the Carry ability, he may carry up to 3 friendly characters that share a keyword with him regardless of their speed symbols. So this power allows him to get his team in place on the map without them having to make an action to do so, and this is great. However, he also can be in place for when his teammates attack, then carry them back behind defensive terrain!

Power of Volthoom’s Ring allows Power Ring to use Perplex. Opposing characters within 6 squares can’t use Perplex to target characters with a point value higher than their own. Having perplex to boost up combat values is always an appreciated power, but preventing your opponents characters from using it how they want, can only make it better.

On his second click Power Ring changes his entire power set. He now has Running Shot, Willpower, Enhancement, and the great equalizer, Pulse Wave. Characters that have a power that requires adjacency (Enhancement, Empower, Defend, etc.) typically don’t do well mixing it with Pulse Wave because your friendly characters would get caught in the blast. Power Ring has a 9 movement and 6 range so you should be able to use his Running Shot to get your team out of the Pulse Wave radius easily before or after friendly characters utilize his Enhancement.  His dial on clicks 3 and 4 are identical as far as powers go, but his combat values start to decline some due to the pain of using the ring. His last 2 clicks he just has Phasing/Teleport, Willpower, and his special power, Power of Volthoom’s Ring, so while not dishing out much damage as an attacker, he is still a good character for Perplex and ferrying teammates around to help finish the battle.

That’s another preview from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set. Make sure you catch the next preview, ouY t’now tnaw ot ssim ti!