DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Frankenstein & Zatanna!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We’re here with another pair of awesome previews from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set! After the Justice League was defeated by Enchantress they knew they needed a team to face threats of a magic nature. Enter the Justice League Dark. We have two members of that team to show you and first up is Frankenstein!


Frankenstein is a creature made of parts stitched together from multiple corpses and because he is neither dead nor alive, he is considered to be immortal. Coming in at 93 points, Frankenstein is an adept attacker. He excels as a close combat character with his possession of the Indomitable combat symbol and a single target range of four. He starts his 7 click dial with Charge, Toughness, and the special power Archangel’s Sword. This powers allows Frankenstein to use Blades/Claws/Fangs. When he does and the result is 4-6, hit characters can’t be healed this game, even if this power is lost. The way this power works, even if his damage dealt is reduced to zero, they still can’t heal. However, his damage never goes below a three on his entire dial, so choosing to deal his printed damage is an option as well.

On click 3, Frankenstein now possesses Outwit and the special movement power, Necronauts. It says when Frankenstein or a friendly character KO an opposing character with a point value of 50 or more with an attack, all friendly characters with the Justice League Dark keyword can be given a move action as a free action this turn. This is great either for pressing on with attacks or for regrouping your team to reassess the situation.

On click 5 Frankenstein changes to Combat Reflexes and Close Combat Expert. At this point his attack has dropped to a 9 but his damage has gone up to a 4 so you can put some of the modification into attack and still do a lot of damage. End of dial he gains Sidestep and last click he gets Regeneration giving him the chance to get back to click 4 again. Frankenstein has the Creature Commandos, Justice League Dark, Monster, Past, Seven Soldiers,  and the  Soldier keywords so making a theme team with him is easy. Frankenstein is really a great close up and your face figure, but he needs some support and someone to take care of his attackers from range. In that role, we’re pleased to introduce the powerful mistress of magic, Zatanna!


An ananym is a word whose spelling is derived by reversing the spelling of another word. This may be an unusual way to start a preview, but it is the name of Zatanna’s trait called Ananym. It states when you place your characters at the start of the game, you may turn Zatanna to click 6. If you do, this game turn her dial counter-clockwise when she is damaged and clockwise when she is healed and she can’t heal past click 6. This trait can’t be ignored. Let’s start at with click 6!

Zatanna has a point cost of 120, which buys you the Flier combat symbol, and a six range with 2 targets. She possesses the Celebrity, Justice League Dark, Mystical, and Shadowpact keywords as well as the Justice League and Mystics team abilities. Add the Shadowpact ATA to her and she will ignore other characters Mystics damage.

On click 6, Zatanna stars with Sidestep, Telekinesis, Defend, and the special damage power pleH mehT that says to give Zatanna a free action and choose one of the following to last until your next turn: Zatanna can use Barrier and Perplex or Zatanna can use Enhancement and Probability Control. She is taking more of a support role here than an attacker role. And speaking of support, she swaps out pleH mehT with Support on clicks 5 and 4. On click 5, her 11 attack and 16 defense with Defend will almost guarantee she’ll be able to heal her teammates.

Midway in her dial on clicks 4 and 3, Zatanna is transitioning to a more aggressive attacker and her Pulse Wave and that will ensure your opponent keeps their distance from her. Toughness will help reduce any damage she takes and keep her on the map.  Her last 2 clicks, her powers are the same on both clicks, Running Shot, Energy Shield/Deflection, Outwit, and the special attack power gnignitS skcigaM that says Zatanna can use Penetrating/Psychic Blast and Precision Strike. He mobility and attacks are high as well as her damage. You get to make the choice of which end she starts her dial on and either can make sense depending on your team and your strategy. One thing is for sure; ll’uoy evol gniyalp annataZI

That’s all we have for today, join us again soon for the next preview from the DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set!