DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Firestorm & Deathstorm!

Published on January 9th, 2015

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we bring you another preview from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set! Today we are storming in with two great characters, Firestorm and Deathstorm.  We’ll start this fire with Firestorm!


Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein were caught in a  nuclear explosion, and the weird part was they didn’t die. Instead they were fused together to make Firestorm! Now Ronnie and Jason Rusch combine thanks to the Firestorm Matrix, which grants the ability to rearrange the atomic and subatomic structure of inorganic matter, rearranging subatomic particles to create objects of different atomic characteristics of equal mass.

Firestorm is a svelte 140 points of heroic fusion! He/They possess the Wing symbol and a 7 range with two targets. He/They also have the keyword Justice League of America. Top click Firestorm starts with Running Shot, Invincible, Outwit, and the special attack power Hydrogen? That One’s Easy states Firestorm can use Energy Explosion and Precision Strike. This ensures when Firestorm hits, it will burn through your opponent’s defenses!

If pushed or damaged onto his/their 2nd click, Firestorm keeps his special power but changes to Phasing/Teleport, Toughness, and Perplex. His attack and defense combat values increase as well so you may choose to use his Perplex to increase his damage or range value instead for another attack. By click 3 he/they regain Running Shot and Outwit so pushing is a good option him/them.

On clicks 4 and 5 Phasing/Teleport makes a reappearance. Newly added is the addition of Poison and Ranged Combat Expert as well.  On click 5 his Toughness turns into Energy Shield/Deflection so make sure he/they are parked in hindering terrain to get a +3 boost to defense from ranged attacks. The last 2 clicks are heralded by Earthbound/Neutralized and Pulse Wave, which once again can give you some really good options. Your opponent may keep their distance to stay out of the range of Pulse Wave, or conversely, Firestorm can now be carried somewhere to safety to give him time to use Regeneration on click 7.

Speaking of defense, Firestorm has the trait CH2=C(CH3)CH=CH2 that in today’s game can really give him/them some protection from your opponent’s attacks. It reads when Firestorm would take damage from another character assigned a resource, Firestorm ignores that damage and rolls a d6. When he does, on a result of 1 – 3, deal Firestorm 1 unavoidable damage. This ability can’t be ignored. So if you go against an opponent with a resource on a single character, use Firestorm to take care of that character while the rest of your team protects him/them.

Up next, Deathstorm!


On Earth-3, Professor Martin Stein would experiment on humans to unlock secrets of life by giving his experiments death with the ultimate goal to experiment on himself. He fused himself with a corpse, became Deathstorm then followed the Crime Syndicate to the main DC Universe after their earth was destroyed.

At 150 Points, Deathstorm is half of a 300 point team, does he have what it takes to justify his cost? He starts with the Wing symbol, a 7 range and 2 targets just like his counterpart above, but Deathstorm possesses Improved Targeting: Ignores elevated and hindering terrain for line of fire purposes. Winning the dice roll for map choice and utilizing a map with multiple levels of elevated terrain could work really well for him. His keywords are Crime Syndicate and Scientist.

He also has the Crime Syndicate team ability that says, “Characters using the Crime Syndicate team ability can use Probability Control. When a roll is ignored because of this team ability an action token must be placed on a friendly character on the battlefield or the roll is not ignored. Uncopyable.” This token can be on any friendly character, even cheap support pieces that are across the map in your starting area that you don’t even have to have line of fire to. Perhaps one or two 33 point S.T.A.R. Labs Technicians, with the Scientist keyword, the ability to give characters Precision Strike, and she possesses Telekinesis, and Support, just sayin’.

Deathstorm starts his 7 click dial with Running Shot, Invulnerability, and the special damage power Human Experimentation that says Deathstorm can use Perplex. When he does, if he targets a character 75 points or less, he may modify a combat value other than damage by +2 or -2. Perhaps a 40 point A.R.G.U.S. Researcher could help with range here?

His second click changes to Phasing/Teleport and Toughness while retaining his special power through click 3. Click 3 he regains Running Shot and he obtains Energy Explosion for the next 3 clicks. Together with his Perplex and CSA team ability Probability Control, hitting an opponent won’t be a problem.

On click 4 Deathstorm gets Outwit and the special defense power Absorb Your Energies. It states Deathstorm can use Energy Shield/ Deflection and Toughness. If this click is revealed as a result of taking damage from a ranged combat attack, after actions resolve, roll a d6 and heal him of damage equal to the result. Potentially, if your dice rolls are really good, he can’t be killed! His last click he possesses Regeneration.

For a 300 point theme team, try Deathstorm, a S.T.A.R. Labs Technician and A.R.G.U.S. Researcher from DC HeroClix: The Flash set, and Egghead from the DC HeroClix: Batman Classic TV set. A +4 to map roll to get map choice with plenty of elevated terrain, plenty of Perplex, Probability Control, Outwit, Support, and Telekinesis to keep Deathstorm doing what he does best!

That finishes this preview, but make sure you stay “inside” next week for the next preview from the DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set!

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