DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Dr. Sivana & Black Adam!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we bring you another preview from the exciting upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set coming early February 2015!  Two characters from the Secret Society of Super Villains are on the preview list for you today and it’s no secret, villains they are!  On the menu are Dr. Sivana and Black Adam; let’s start with the first course, Dr. Sivana!


Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana or Dr. Sivana has a cost of 83 points for his five-click deep dial.  He has a six-square range with a single target that will work well with his top two clicks of Psychic Blast and his final three clicks of Precision Strike.  He can make a good secondary attacker with good damage values as well.  Where Dr. Sivana shines though is his true villainous nature, staying back and letting others do the work for him!

On his top three clicks, Dr. Sivana has Stealth and the special power Eye See Your Magic.  It allows Dr. Sivana to use Outwit.  Dr. Sivana may activate Outwit with a power action and when he does, the countered power or ability is also countered on all opposing characters within 8 squares of Dr. Sivana that share a keyword with the target.  Dr. Sivana would still need to have line of fire and range to the initial target, but all other characters would just have to be within 8 squares.  That’s evil stuff right there!

Defensively you want Dr. Sivana protected as a brick piece with an object could quickly dispatch him from the map.  On click 3 however, he gains Mastermind for the rest of his dial, so keep him close to lesser-point fodder if you can.  On his last two clicks he gains Mind Control to allow him to control his opponents like puppets, and Perplex to make sure he hits with his attacks.

Dr. Sivana has the Calculator team ability to wildcard his underlings’ team abilities and he has a trait that will come in handy against Mystical teams.  His trait Magic Avoidance states that friendly characters with the Secret Society of Super Villains keyword ignore the Mystics team ability.  In today’s game there are so many ways to gain the Mystics team ability like a Power Battery with the Star Sapphire Ring or perhaps wildcarding it from a teammate like…


Black Adam has two point values:  270 and 150 points.  His traits and team abilities are present at both point costs so we can start with those.  Black Adam has the Wing and Indomitable combat symbols so he can get where he needs to go, carry a friendly character, and push without taking damage to do so.  Black Adam has a range of zero, so unless you get creative with ranged combat modifiers, he will be close combat only, but that’s what he’s good at.  Black Adam has the Mystics team ability so your opponent may not like the sting of that when attacking him and he has the somewhat rare Injustice League team ability.  It states that whenever a character using the Injustice League team ability attacks an opposing character that was attacked by another character using the Injustice League team ability this turn, the action does not count toward your available actions for the turn.  Pair him with some inexpensive wildcard characters and use them to make multiple attacks; no need for Leadership!

Black Adam’s first trait, You Will Pay, states if Black Adam is the only character on your force that has not been KO’d, modify his attack value by +1.  If Black Adam is the only character on your force that has not been KO’d and your force is a named themed team, instead modify all of Black Adam’s combat values by +1.  You typically don’t want the rest of your team KO’d, but if it happens don’t forget to modify his combat values!

His second trait, By Magic Empowered, allows Black Adam to use Super Strength.  Also Black Adam can’t be targeted by Outwit unless the targeting character has the Mystical keyword.  Make sure you add an Ultra Heavy object to your build for +3 to damage!  The inability to counter Black Adam’s powers in most cases is going to help immensely since he is a close combat piece.  Most of his clicks have some sort of move-then-attack power; without this trait he could end up as an expensive taxi.

At his 270-point dial, Black Adam gains an additional four clicks for a total of nine clicks.  His top click starts with a 10 movement and Hypersonic Speed, and his speed never goes below an 8.  His defensive power is Invincible with a 17 defense.  With a 12 attack and 5 printed damage, you could potentially swing for 8 damage with the Ultra Heavy object mentioned earlier, but it’s his second click you really want to be on to use his special powers.

On his second click, Black Adam has the special movement power Justice Without Mercy, which says Black Adam can use Charge and Flurry.  When Black Adam uses Charge he doesn’t halve his speed value and, if he isn’t carrying a character or holding an object, he can use Improved Movement: Ignores blocking terrain and destroys blocking terrain as the character moves through it.  This special power really embodies Black Adam as a character.  Black Adam can quickly run across the map, and he can carry an object and a character, then attack twice while potentially dealing up to 11 clicks of damage.  Or 13 clicks of damage if you crit hit twice!  Conversely, if you opponent decides to hide behind walls on an indoor map, you can bust right through them without wasting actions to destroy the walls with other characters.

Black Adam’s special attack power, The Thunder of the Gods states Black Adam can use Quake but his damage value becomes his printed damage value instead of 2.  This can also work well with Black Adam’s Justice Without Mercy special power.  If your opponent is hiding his team behind walls or barriers, they are likely grouped together and all set up for a 4-damage quake!

On his third click Black Adam replaces his special movement power with Flurry and trades Invincible with Impervious, giving him the chance to reduce damage dealt to him to zero.  On his fourth click he regains Justice Without Mercy so he can full speed Charge to his next victim and repeat the process.

At his 150-point cost, Black Adam starts similarly to his 270-point top click.  He starts off with Hypersonic Speed but has Invulnerability instead of Invincible for his next three clicks.  Outwit makes an appearance as well for the next three clicks.  He gets one click of Justice Without Mercy mid-dial so he may or may not land on it if he takes damage; I wouldn’t depend on it.  Your best bet is to try and use his Hypersonic Speed to attack and then try to position him into safety.  His last two clicks he loses Outwit and has Toughness for damage reduction.

Black Adam’s keywords (Injustice League, Mystical, Past, Ruler, and Secret Society of Super Villains) are numerous enough to where making a themed team is not going to be a problem.  Black Adam has a lot going on, and he can be the pole of your tent at 270 points, or the powerhouse of your villainous team at 150 point.  Playing two Black Adam’s at 150 points each though, is too evil for anyone to do.

Thanks for reading another great preview!  Tune in again soon to see the next preview from the DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set!