DC HeroClix: Justice League - Trinity War Preview

DC HeroClix: Justice League Trinity War: Blue Devil!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Today, we’re going to keep rolling on with the previews from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League: Trinity War set, this time featuring the supernatural stuntman Blue Devil!



Right off the bat, Blue Devil is packing a pair of spectacular traits, the first of which is called Demon Hunter. This trait allows for both adjacent friendly characters, and friendly characters with the Justice League Dark keyword to completely ignore the Mystics team ability. Given the Dark’s penchant for meddling with things that go bump in the night, this trait gives them a major advantage going into battle!

His second trait, Supernatural Exorcism, is one that will allow for Blue Devil to even the odds and cause some mayhem with characters with ‘stop’ clicks. This trait states that whenever Blue Devil damages a character, if a special power is revealed that would cause the dial to stop turning, after actions resolve, you would deal two unavoidable damage to that character! Those stop clicks can be a major problem in games if they unexpectedly arise, but Blue Devil evens the odds!

For movement, Blue Devil begins his seven click dial with a respectable nine, before dropping down to an eight, and eventually seven to close his dial out. On movement, he can utilize Running Shot alongside his six range with two targets at the top and bottom of his dial, while in the middle of his dial, he can get to higher ground with three clicks of Leap/Climb.

His attack features a special power called Hellfire on his first two and last two clicks, which allows Blue Devil to use both Energy Explosion and Penetrating/Psychic Blast. In the middle of his dial, he gains three clicks of Super Strength, so don’t be afraid to use this in conjunction with his Leap/Climb to get out of danger, grab a car door, and get back into the fight!

When it comes to defense, Blue Devil is no slouch. He opens up his dial with a click of Invulnerable and a 17 value, before transitioning to four clicks of Toughness. At the end of his dial, he closes things out with two clicks of Energy Shield/Deflection, which shows up precisely when it’s needed, as his defense eventually falls to a 15, making that +2 from ranged attacks a much appreciated bonus.

Finally, Blue Devil begins with two black clicks on his damage, dealing three base damage to go along with his Hellfire special power on Attack, meaning he’ll be able to do a fairly significant amount of penetrating damage thanks to Penetrating/Psychic Blast. Eventually, Blue Devil picks up three clicks of Probability Control, which again pairs in synergy with dwindling attack and defensive values.

Overall, Blue Devil is a spectacular 135 point addition to a Justice League Dark themed team, and at seven clicks of life and damage reducers, he’ll be sticking in the fight for awhile. Pair that with his Mystics team ability, and not only will he not go down without a fight, he’ll also be doing one click of damage right back to his attackers every time he takes damage. Additional keywords possessed by Blue Devil include the generic keywords Monster and Mystical, as well as the named keyword Shadowpact – he’ll pair up nicely with Etrigan the Demon!

That’s all for today, HeroClix fans! Be sure to check in next time as we delve even deeper into the world of DC HeroClix: Justice League: Trinity War! Until next time, may your dice be kind and your hits be crits!