DC HeroClix: The Flash Preview

DC HeroClix The Flash: Magenta!




Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome to another quick preview from the exciting upcoming DC HeroClix: The Flash set! Today we bring you an all new character to HeroClix from the Flash’s Rogue’s Gallery, Magenta!


Our second preview is that magnificent mistress of magnetism, Magenta! At 115 points with 6 clicks of life, does she have the moxie to merit her monetization? She has the Wing combat symbol and a 7 range with 2 targets. She has the trait Attract or Repel that states to give Magenta a free action and choose a character with the Standard or Tiny damage symbol within 3 squares and line of fire. Place that character into a square adjacent to the one they currently occupy. She could even move herself. This trait will work really well with her Improved Targeting: ignores characters as well.

Magenta starts her dial with Sidestep, Shape Change, and 2 special powers as well. The first, her attack power Riding the Magnetic Fields states Magenta can use Telekinesis. Give Magenta a move action and, after actions resolve, she can use Telekinesis as a free action. So she could place herself one adjacent square, Sidestep 2 squares, move 9 squares then attack with an object with Telekinesis up to 8 squares for a total of 20 squares.

Her second special defense power Magnetic Barriers allows Magenta to use Barrier and Toughness. When she uses Barrier and actions resolve, you may choose one opposing character with the standard attack and damage symbols within 2 squares of a blocking terrain marker that she has placed and place that character adjacent to the marker. When a character adjacent to one of these markers attempts to move, it must attempt to break away as if the marker was a character friendly to Magenta and can’t be ignored for movement purposes.

On Magenta’s second click, she gains Force Blast and Ranged Combat Expert which once again her Improved Targeting can really help with the latter. Her fourth click she loses her defense special power and has Energy Shield/Deflection for the rest of her dial and when she regains Shape Change for her last 2 clicks, your opponent may look elsewhere to attack instead. Magenta possesses the Injustice League team ability and the keywords Injustice League, Rogues, and Teen Titans.

That wraps up this week’s article, but make sure you’re here next week for another preview from the DC HeroClix: Flash set!