DC HeroClix: The Flash Preview

DC HeroClix The Flash: Deathstroke!





Welcome HeroClix Fans!

Thanks for joining us we continue to explore the upcoming DC HeroClix: The Flash set! Today we check out a villain and sometimes anti-hero who became a pirate in search of his daughter in the Flashpoint universe, Deathstroke!


Deathstroke begins the game with a couple of good options to fight your opponent. He can use his 2 targets and 6 range to target a couple of figures with Energy Explosion, possibly catching a few other figures in the area of effect.  Or, he can use Charge to take the fight right to an opposing figure. Once in place, on his next turn,   His Indomitable combat ability will allow him to act again without fear of pushing, to use his Sharpshooter combat ability to make a range combat attack against the figure he is adjacent to. Adding to the usefulness of his opening two clicks is a special power called Steal More than Your Gold. This special power allows you to choose a standard power that an opposing figure can us at the beginning of your turn.   Deathstroke can now use that power and the opposing figure can’t. His first three clicks will alternate between Toughness and Super Senses.

Mid-dial, Deathstroke has a new special power called Take Their Vessel!, which allows him to use both Stealth and Leap/Climb, as well as Mind Control on an opposing figure that can use the Carry ability that he has just hit with an attack.   He now has a couple of clicks of Precision Strike to insure damage can’t be reduced below one, as well as ignoring Super Senses and Mastermind, before switching back to Energy Explosion. A couple of clicks of Regeneration will give Deathstroke a good shot of healing back to the top of his dial.

Near the end of his dial, Flurry will allow Deathstroke to make two close combat attacks for one power action, and Precision Strike returns to make sure his target(s) will take a bit of damage. A couple more clicks of Super Senses will again let him try to avoid attacks. A closing click of Regeneration may get Deathstroke back to his earlier Regeneration clicks. And an entire dial of the Swimmer combat ability means he can ignore water terrain for movement purposes.

Deathstroke is a solid close combat figure at 112 points who can be a decent range attacker.   His special “Outwit” like power can provide him with a number of popular support powers to aid your team, or some good powers that will be helpful to him making attacks. He can be played in theme using his Flashpoint, Pirate, or Warrior keywords.   He also has the Underworld team ability, allowing him to use the Carry ability to carry a figure using the Underworld team ability, or two if they have a lower point cost.

That’s all for now, be sure to check back soon for more previews from the upcoming DC HeroClix: The Flash set! Next time, we look at a couple of villains new to HeroClix! Until then, keep your Clix off their K.O.’s!