DC HeroClix: Batman Preview Prime Figures

DC HeroClix Batman: Sasha Bourdeaux and the Black Queen!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

And welcome as we continue to explore the upcoming DC HeroClix: Batman set.   Today we look at a former bodyguard of Bruce Wayne, partner to the Caped Crusader, and the eventual OMAC powered Black Queen of Checkmate, Sasha Bordeaux!

Sasha Bordeaux begins play with a trait called Bodyguard, which says to choose another friendly character as a Client at the beginning of the game.  At the end of your turn, if Sasha Bordeaux is within 4 squares and line of fire of the Client, she may be placed adjacent to the Client.  What good is this trait to her Client?  It synchs up very well with her defense special power Executive Protection.  This power allows Sasha Bordeaux to modify her defense by +1 against close combat attacks, as well as use Defend if the attacker is within line of fire.  An opening click of Flurry pairs nicely with this she should be in close combat.

After her initial click of Flurry, Sasha Bordeaux has a couple of mid-dial clicks of Charge to be able to take the fight to an opposing figure.  If, after this attack, Sasha Bordeaux would be better off somewhere else, her Charge shouldn’t take her out of range of her Bodyguard trait.

On her last two clicks, Sasha Bordeaux once again has Flurry.  Also showing her never give up attitude on these clicks is Willpower.

Sasha Bordeaux has the Batman Ally team ability to show her stint working with the Dark Knight.  The Gotham City and Police keywords will give her a couple of theme team options.  At 50 points, Sasha Bordeaux will bring a useful team ability for any team with Wildcards a unique way to protect a key figure on your force.

We also mentioned that Sasha Bordeaux was the Black Queen of Checkmate, and Prime figure #023b in this set represents her as such.


Black Queen has a trait called OMACtivated.  This trait allows Black Queen to select a team ability an opposing figure can use at the beginning of the game, and make it uncopyable.  In addition, Black Queen can’t be targeted by Incapacitate or Mind Control, and when she is targeted by Penetrating/Psychic Blast, she modifies her defense by +2.

Black Queen has the Improved Movement: Hindering Terrain ability.  This works very well with all powers in her movement slot, particularly an opening click of Stealth.  An opening click of Toughness will provide some protection from counter attack.  Black Queen can also deprive the opposing force of a key power with the use of Outwit.  The Indomitable combat ability will allow her to act without fear of pushing.

On her second click, Black Queen picks up a run of a movement special power, Optimized Targeting Optics and Infrared Vision.  This special power allows Black Queen to use Running Shot, and, ignore opposing character’s Stealth.  Black Queen upgrades to her only click of Invulnerability, before changing back to Toughness.   Black Queen switches support powers at this point to a couple of clicks of Perplex.  

Click four offers an interesting choice.   Go for the KO on a figure with a 3 damage and Pulse Wave, still able to use Running Shot, or use Regeneration to get Black Queen back into damage reducers.  After this, Black Queen loses her Optimized Targeting Optics and Infrared Vision special power, keeping Pulse Wave and another click of Outwit.  Combat Reflexes will make her harder to hit close combat for a couple of clicks.

At the end of her dial, Black Queen sees one more click of her Optimized Targeting Optics and Infrared Vision special power.  On her last click, Black Queen has one has one more click of Outwit, and again gets the ability to attempt to heal due to Regeneration.

Black Queen brings the Calculator wildcard team ability to help herself, and the Police team ability to help her allies.  Black Queen has the Checkmate, Robot, and Spy keywords for plenty of good theme team options.  At 135 points, Black Queen will be a solid cornerstone with plenty of room for support on any force you choose to include her on.

That is all for today.  Be sure to come back Friday as we preview a member of a Covert Action Team with a killer handshake from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Batman set!