DC HeroClix: Batman Classic TV Preview

DC HeroClix Batman Classic TV: Shame!

Greetings HeroClix fans!

Boy howdy!  Today’s DC HeroClix: Batman Classic TV preview takes us to the Old West, where we visit with a bloodthirsty buckaroo who breaks the rule that bad guys only wear black hats.  We’re pleased to present to you the Conniving Cowboy of Crime, Shame!


Shame comes into play at 65 points and, like the other villains in this set, he has an Elaborate Deathtrap ability where he can capture opposing characters.  Shame can be given a power action to make a close combat attack that deals no damage.  Once per game, a hit character is immediately placed on Shame’s character card and can use the Escape Deathtrap ability to potentially escape unharmed.

At the beginning of the captured character’s turn, that player rolls 2d6 while Shame rolls a d6 and adds his Elaborate Deathtrap Bonus.  If Shame is friendly, not on the map or if the captured character’s result is higher, the character is placed in either its starting area or adjacent to a friendly figure.  If Shame’s roll is higher, deal the captured character damage equal to the difference, to a maximum of 5, and it can use its defense powers when the damage is dealt.

Shame’s Elaborate Deathtrap Bonus, called Solo Showdown at High Noon, is equal to the number of characters on the map (with a maximum Bonus of 8).

Although Shame claims his six-shooter pistol is all he needs, he has relied on heavier firepower to escape the confines of prison.  The first two clicks of Shame’s speed slot feature a special power called Tank Escape From Jail, which lets him use Running Shot.  When Shame does, until your next turn he can use Improved Movement: Blocking (Burst), Invulnerability, and he modifies his damage by +1.  At the end of the turn, roll a d6 and on a result of 1-3 deal Shame 1 unavoidable damage.

The next two clicks of Shame’s speed slot feature standard Running ShotShame also has the Sharpshooter combat ability, which allows him to make ranged attacks against adjacent opposing characters.  On Shame’s first four clicks, use the movement portion of Running Shot to end adjacent to an opposing character and then fire away!

This combination works well with another special power found on Shame’s attack slot called Pistol Whip: BAM!  When Shame resolves a ranged combat action, place a BAM! token on his character card.  You may give Shame a free action to remove a BAM! token and then make a close combat attack.

On Shame’s middle clicks, he adds Ranged Combat Expert to his power set, giving him the option of boosting his damage by +2, attack by +2 or both values by +1.  On the second of Shame’s two Ranged Combat Expert clicks he picks up Willpower, which stays for the remainder of his dial.  Shame’s last two clicks feature Sidestep and Precision Strike.

United Underworld and Warrior are Shame’s only two keywords but his low point cost and aggressive power set make him a viable choice on many forces.  The Warrior keyword, in particular, gives us the option of pairing Shame with an appropriate vehicle from the DC HeroClix: Batman set, the Haunted Tank!

When used in its Piloted version, Haunted Tank has a Pilot Ability called “Jigsaw Tank” Mechanics, which requires that the pilot have the Warrior keyword.  “Jigsaw Tank” Mechanics allows the Haunted Tank to use Support, but only on characters with the Vehicle keyword.  Both Shame and Haunted Tank come in at 136 points, which leaves enough points left over in a 300-point force for a pair of Autopiloted Military Tanks that can make use of the healing from the “Jigsaw Tank” Mechanics Pilot Ability.  Or use those points for whatever you please!

Thanks for reading!  Please join us for our next DC HeroClix: Batman Classic TV preview when we encounter another of Gotham City’s malevolent miscreants!  Tune in next time – same Bat-day, same Bat-website!