DC HeroClix: Batman Classic TV Preview

DC HeroClix Batman Classic TV: Batman and Robin!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

On last week’s bat-citing preview, from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Batman Classic TV set, The Dynamic Duo swung into action. This week will Batman and Robin escape from the death traps set before them? Will Batman have a Bat-device for every Bat-ocassion? Will Robin say Holy? Let’s slide down to the Batcave and see!


We see that both Batman and Robin have the same trait as The Dynamic Duo, which makes it so all attack rolls of double threes, fours, fives or sixes on close combat attacks are critical hits.

Batman has two starting lines; his veteran line is 100 points and starts with Charge and Precision Strike. Batman has a special defensive power called “A Bat-tool For Every Bat-ocassion”. When Batman is the target of an attack, Batman may choose a color of a standard power the attacker can use. Batman can use the defensive power of the chosen color until your next turn. There are a wide range of positive possibilities, if Batman is targeted by an opposing character that can use Blades/Claws/Fangs then Batman would be able to use Super Senses. Holy evade the attack, Batman!

Batman has another special power called “Discover Your Fiendish Plot – and Foil It”, this will allow Batman to use Outwit and Perplex.

Batman’s experienced line costs 50 points and starts with Plasticity, Precision Strike, and Close Combat Expert. Batman will still have the use of his special defensive power. On Batman’s last two clicks he will be able to use Sidestep and Super Senses.


Robin, the youthful ward of Batman, can use Improved Movement and ignores characters. Like Batman, Robin has two starting lines; his veteran line is 50 points and starts with Charge and Combat Reflexes.

On click 2 Robin gains a special power called “Holy ______, Batman!”. You may give Robin a free action and choose an opposing character within 6 squares and line of fire. Choose a power action, a close combat action, or a ranged combat action. If the chosen character is given that type of action during its next turn, that character immediately modifies its combat values by -1 for that turn if not already modified by this effect and you may remove an action token from Robin. Robin can also use of Close Combat Expert.

Robin’s experienced line costs 25 points and starts with Leap/Climb and Combat Reflexes. On click number 5 Robin now gains the use of Flurry and Energy Shield/Deflection. On Robin’s 6th and final click he can also use Support.

Batman and Robin work well together when team building as they share 4 keywords – Batman Family, Gotham City, Martial Artist, and Police. Batman also has 2 addition keywords with Celebrity and Detective.

Batman and Robin are candidates for the GCPD Additional Team Ability, for just 2 points per character. At the beginning of your turn, if they have no action tokens they may be given a move action as a free action, with a speed value of 4.

Thanks for reading and although that is all for today, be sure to check back for more from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Batman Classic TV set; same Bat-day, same Bat-website.