DC HeroClix: Batman Preview

DC HeroClix: Batman – Bruce Wayne and Batman!

Greetings, HeroClix fans!

We are pleased to continue our series of exclusive previews for the DC HeroClix: Batman set by spotlighting Gotham City’s Dark Knight himself, Batman!  First, however, let’s take a look at Batman’s secret identity, Bruce Wayne!

Bruce Wayne comes into play at 60 points, and has a range of six with one target.  He also possesses the Indomitable combat ability.  Bruce Wayne starts his dial with three clicks of Smoke Cloud in his attack slot, which is handy if other figures on your force have Stealth or the Batman Ally team ability.  On those same three clicks but in his damage slot, Bruce Wayne has a special power, CEO, Batman Incorporated, which allows him to use Leadership, Perplex, and Shape Change.  However, when Bruce Wayne uses Perplex, he can only target friendly characters.

As we move off Bruce Wayne’s top click, we see him incorporate his training as the Caped Crusader into his public persona as a rich playboy:  Just Like When I Climbed Rainier (Leap/Climb) appears in his movement slot for two clicks and explains his agility and speed.  In his defense slot, I Try to Spend Some Time in the Gym Every Day (Combat Reflexes) appears for three clicks and explains his acrobatic and self-defense skills.

Perplex appears on Bruce Wayne’s last two clicks while Smoke Cloud makes way for two clicks of a special power, Alter Ego: Batman.  To use this special power, give Bruce Wayne a power action that deals no pushing damage and replaced him with #001 Batman, #001 Batman, or #053A Batman on its orange starting line.  This power can’t be countered.

Bruce Wayne has several keywords (Batman Family, Batman Inc, Celebrity, and Gotham City) that make it easy to add him to many forces.  In addition, CEO, Batman Incorporated makes him an appealing choice as a support character while Alter Ego: Batman allows him to transform into another attacker.

Speaking of Bruce Wayne’s alter ego, let’s take a look at Batman!


One of the first things you’ll notice on Batman’s base is the “Plus symbol” to the left of the stat slot that designates him as an Improved character.  On Batman’s character card, the Improved symbol clarifies that he has an Improved Movement (denoted by the running figure) combat ability titled Swingline.  This ability allows Batman to ignore elevated terrain (denoted by the red box), hindering terrain (denoted by the green box), outdoor blocking terrain (denoted by the brown box with the “O”), and characters (denoted by the character base symbol) while moving.  When Batman ignores characters for movement, he doesn’t need to break away and can move into a square adjacent to an opposing character without having to stop.  He also can move through a square occupied by an opposing character.

Batman has the Batman Ally team ability and can be played at 200 and 100 points.  Batman also has a 60-point starting line that is only used when he is brought into play through Bruce Wayne’s Alter Ego: Batman special power.  This Alter Ego starting point is on Batman’s eighth click.  When played at 100 points, Batman begins his dial on click five.  At his 200-point level, Batman hits the battle map with a trait, Team Leader.  At the beginning of the game, choose a keyword possessed by Batman.  All friendly characters with that keyword and a lower point value can use the Batman Ally team ability while Batman is on the map.

With a range of six and one target, Batman begins play by alternating between Charge and Flurry on his first three clicks.  On his fourth click, he sticks to Flurry for all but two clicks on the remainder of his dial.  Charge returns on the two non-Flurry clicks.  In Batman’s attack slot, he starts with a high attack value of 12 but doesn’t utilize any special powers.  Once Batman moves off his top click he gains a special power in that slot, I Will Not Fail Gotham, which modifies his attack value by +1 when he’s marked with one action token.  I Will Not Fail Gotham appears for the remainder of Batman’s dial.

Defensively, Batman possesses the Indomitable combat ability and starts with a click of Toughness to represent his reinforced costume.  He then switches to Combat Reflexes for three clicks before Toughness returns for one more click.  Two clicks of Combat Reflexes highlight the back half of Batman’s dial; he then takes his chances with naked defense values on his last three clicks.  In his damage slot, Batman alternates between Perplex and Outwit for his first six clicks.  Both powers then disappear for two clicks.  Outwit and Perplex return respectively on Batman’s last two damage slots.

Batman’s variable point value, his mix of powers, and his combat values all make him an appealing choice for any force in which you choose to use him.  He also has an array of named keywords that make team building a snap.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us next time as we explore more secrets from the DC HeroClix: Batman set.  Until then, keep your Clix off their KOs!