DC HeroClix: Batman - Arkham Origins Preview

DC HeroClix Arkham Origins: Firefly!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We continue our previews from the DC HeroClix: Batman – Arkham Origins set by shining the spotlight on Gotham City’s very own purveyor of pyrotechnic power, Firefly!


At a hot 115 points, Firefly has an Improved Targeting ability named Thermal-Graphic-Vision that allows him to ignore hindering terrain when he draws line of fire.  Firefly also has the Hired Assassin trait, which is found on other characters in the Batman – Arkham Origins set and reads:  “During your first turn, choose an opposing character.  If Firefly KO’s that character, you score an additional 50 victory points.”  We’ll let a strategy for his trait smolder a while.

Firefly starts his first click with Running Shot, Energy Shield Deflection, Enhancement, and the special power Watch it Burn that states when Firefly hits an opposing character, give that character a Burn token.  Characters with a Burn token can’t use Stealth.  At the beginning of your next turn, remove the Burn token, deal that character 1 damage, and place a hindering terrain marker in a square that character occupies.

Firefly has the wing speed symbol and a range of six squares with 2 targets.  The 2 targets really make the Energy Explosion he gains on click 3 heat things up!  Firefly loses Running Shot and Enhancement on click 3, but things don’t really cool down because of it.

On click 4 Firefly regains Running Shot and Watch it Burn for a single click.  He also swaps Energy Shield Deflection for Toughness for the rest of his dial.  This firebug also gains Ranged Combat Expert for the next three clicks.

Pair Firefly with a character that has Outwit, then counter a damage-reducing defense power on a character that possesses a Burn token.  Since you decide the order of actions at the beginning of your turn, you can burn through an opposing character’s defense with Firefly’s special power, Watch it Burn.

Maybe you’ll be all fired up about this strategy for Firefly’s Hired Assassin trait:  Choose a lower-point support character; that way you have a better chance of getting the extra points and removing your opponent’s support at the same time.

Well, someone rang the fire alarm so that’s the end of this preview, but stay tuned for another DC HeroClix: Batman – Arkham Origins preview as we look at a masked villain who has a black heart!