DC HeroClix 10th Anniversary Preview

DC HeroClix 10th Anniversary: Robin and Nightwing!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s DC HeroClix: 10th Anniversary preview, we take a closer look at two heroic identities used by Dick Grayson after Bruce Wayne took him on as his crime-fighting partner.  First up, please welcome Robin!


Robin comes in at 52 points and has a range of six with one target.  His dial features Leap/Climb on every click of his movement slot as he swings through Gotham City.  Robin’s attack slot begins with three clicks of Incapacitate and ends with two clicks of Smoke Cloud.  Defensively, Robin starts with two clicks of Willpower.  Mid-dial, he switches to Combat Reflexes to show that he’s been trained by the best.  His last two clicks feature no defensive powers.  In his damage slot, Robin sports Enhancement on all but his last two clicks.

As added protection, Robin has the Batman Ally team ability, which lets him use Stealth.  He also has a handful of keywords that provide options when incorporating him on themed teams.  A full dial of Leap/Climb and three opening clicks of Incapacitate make Robin an excellent tie-up character for your heavy hitters.

Finally, Robin has a trait, Battlefield Promotion: Nightwing, which allows him to upgrade into his current heroic identity when he hits one or more opposing characters and receives a Promotion Token.  When Robin receives a Promotion Token, he may then roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled.  If the result of the roll is 8 or higher, replace him with #007 Nightwing on the same click number.

Nightwing weighs in at 94 points and has the Improved plus on his base.  His card shows that he has an Improved Movement ability, Acrobat, which allows him to ignore hindering terrain and characters while moving.  In addition, Nightwing begins play with a trait, A Leader on any Team, which makes him a wild card.  (He also possesses the Batman Ally team ability.)  When you reveal your force, choose a friendly character’s keyword and Nightwing possesses that keyword for the rest of the game.  In addition, Nightwing can use Leadership but only removes action tokens from characters using a team ability that Nightwing can use.

Nightwing begins with the combination of Charge and Quake on the first three clicks of his dial.  In his defense slot, he starts with two clicks of Combat Reflexes to show his years of experience as a crime fighter.  On his third click, Nightwing switches to Willpower to let his opponents know that he has stamina like the Dark Knight!  In his damage slot, Nightwing starts out empty but then picks up Perplex on his next two clicks.

On the back half of Nightwing’s dial, he trades Charge for three clicks of FlurryCombat Reflexes returns for two more clicks before making way once again for WillpowerQuake reappears on Nightwing’s last click while Outwit occupies his damage slot for his last two clicks.

Nightwing has a handful of keywords that make team building a snap.  His point value and combat values make him an ideal close-combat attacker and his trait transforms him into a valuable member of many different teams.

That’s all for now!  Join us again next week as we unveil new secrets and surprises from upcoming HeroClix releases!