DC HeroClix 10th Anniversary Preview

DC HeroClix 10th Anniversary – Brainiac!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

This August in stores everywhere, DC HeroClix 10th Anniversary will be hitting store shelves and ushering in a whole new era of HeroClix! This standalone, 24 -figure expansion features ALL-NEW sculpts representing both early and modern appearances of 12 of DC Comics’ most popular heroes and villains! Playable individually as their own pieces, early and modern appearance figures for each character are linked with a special Battlefield Promotion ability that enables you to power up your figures during your games!

Today we kick off our previews of DC HeroClix: 10th Anniversary with one of Superman’s greatest foes, Brainiac (#005)!

Brainiac (#005) begins play using Running Shot and his 8 range with a printed 5 damage to get in an opening shot on a single opposing figure!  Or, if your opponent has a group of figures or a single figure with a powerful damage reducer, Brainiac (#005) can opt to use his Pulse Wave to your best benefit.  An opening click of Impervious will protect Brianiac from the inevitable counterattack, and Outwit can be used to potentially cripple an opposing figure.  On his second click, Brainiac (#005) is still able to use Pulse Wave and Outwit, and adds a couple clicks of Charge to his arsenal.  Defensively, Brainiac (#005) switches to Invulnerability for a couple of clicks.

Mid-dial, Brainiac (#005) loses his move and attack abilities as he picks up his disintegration beam in the form of Range Combat Expert!  In this stretch, Brainiac (#005) has his only click of Super Strength, and he switches his damage reducer to Toughness for the rest of his dial.  At the end of his dial, Brainiac (#005) sees one more click of Outwit, and closes his dial with two more clicks of Pulse Wave.

Brainiac (#005) possesses the Armor, Robot, and Scientist keywords, giving him some solid generic theme team options, and at 160 points, will be a solid tent poll with plenty of room for support.  Brianiac also has the Superman Enemy team ability, giving him access to Outwit for his entire dial if someone else using the Superman Enemy team ability and less points is adjacent to him.

The fun doesn’t stop there though.  DC HeroClix: 10th Anniversary features 12 characters, each with an early appearance sculpt and dial, and a more modern version sculpt and dial.  All 24 sculpts and dials are ALL-NEW and unique to this set.  In DC HeroClix: 10th Anniversary, all of the less expensive versions of each character are designed with “golden age-inspired dials” i.e. without special powers.   And of course, this means there is even MORE Brainiac goodness to preview!

Like all of the “early appearance” character versions found in this set, Brainiac (#005) has a trait linking his two figural representations together.   Battlefield Promotion: Brainiac which states ” When Brainiac hits one or more opposing characters, after actions resolve, place a Promotion Token on his character card. You may then roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled and add 1 for each Promotion Token on his character card; on a result of 8 or higher, replace this character with DC10th  #012 Brainiac a number of clicks from its blue starting line equal to the number of clicks this character is from its starting line. On a result of 10 or higher, replace this character on the same click number.”

Let’s take a look at what we can promote our early appearance Brainiac into, shall we?


Brainiac (#012) is playable at 3 different point levels, a 350 point “Veteran” (red) line, a 175 point “Experienced” (blue) line, and a 100 point “Rookie” (yellow) line.    If played at his 350 point veteran line, Brainiac (#012) possesses a trait called Impossible To Plan Against,  that forces opposing forces to subtract one action from their action total if not reduced by any other effect!

At his 350 point line, Brainiac (#012) begins play with Earthbound which counters his Indomitable combat ability.  Brainiac (#012) also possesses Mastermind to represent his willingness to sacrifice others to accomplish his goals.  This pairs nicely with his Superman Enemy team ability to give him Outwit if his Mastermind fodder also has it (or if his fodder happen to have a Wildcard Team Ability).  Brainiac’s first click is the only appearance of a special power called Master Manipulator.  This special power enables Brainiac (#012) to use Perplex to only target friendly characters but they can be anywhere on the map!  This makes Brainiac an amazing support piece for the early game.  But let’s face it, at 350 points, you want a figure that can support their own weight, and on click two, when Brainiac (#012) syncs himself to his ship, he does exactly that!

On Brainiac’s (#012) second click Earthbound is gone and is replaced with a special power called My Ship and I Are One.   This special power states  “Give Brainiac a double power action and place him in any square within his speed value. After actions resolve, you may give Brainiac a close combat or ranged combat action as a free action”.  Talk about battlefield mobility!  Also on this click, Brainiac (#012) possesses an 11 attack and 5 damage, to go with his 8 range, as well as Quake and Exploit Weakness.  Those are some solid options!

Defensively, Brainiac (#012) is the creator of some of the most powerful force fields ever and this is represented with a special power called I’ll Show you Impervious allowing Brainiac (#012) to not only use Impervious, but  when turning the dial if this power is revealed due to damage taken from an opponent’s attack, you then stop turning the dial.   Of course, this power will only kick in if your opponent hits the printed 19 defense (along with however else you may have modified it)!  Lastly, two early clicks of Charge will keep the Veteran Brainiac (#012) mobile with a move and attack option, and a click of Pulse Wave will make sure damage reducers can be  ignored.  Finally, a click of Close Combat Expert will ensure an opposing figure gets hit hard!

Mid-dial, and at the same point his Experienced line begins, Brainiac (#012) sees the return of My Ship and I Are One for a click.  For close combat actions, he can choose between Quake to disperse a group or get the always fun knock someone off a roof or into a wall, or just pound a single figure with Close Combat Expert and his printed 3 damage.  Standard Impervious protects him in this stretch of his dial.   No other move and attack in this area of his dial, but if based, Flurry will be quite handy as it has a printed 4 then 3 to go with it!  Other weapons in Brainiac’s (#012) arsenal in this stretch are a click each of Penetrating/Psychic Blast followed by one of Pulse Wave, as well as a click of Exploit Weakness.     

For his 100 point dial, and the last four clicks of the other two point values, Brainiac (#012) again sees the return of My Ship and I Are One which continues to be paired with both Quake and Close Combat Expert.  Charge will give Brainiac the ability to move and attack for the rest of his dial and Invulnerability will protect him for the entirety of his Rookie dial.  Sprinkle on a click of Penetrating/Psychic Blast and another of Quake, and finish his last two clicks with Close Combat Expert, and you have a very solid end-dial for Brainiac (#012)

Brainiac (#012) possesses the Brute, Robot, and Scientist keywords, as well as the Superman Enemy team ability mentioned earlier.  With the exception of his opening click, Brainiac (#012) has damage reducers on every click, and the ability to crack damage reducers without the use of powers as his lowest printed damage is a 3.  Brainiac (#012) can also move and attack on virtually every click as well as never seeing a single digit attack value, (except, again, his opening click).

So start planning now which planets you want to invade, or which cities you’d like to shrink because Brainiac (along with the rest of DC HeroClix: 10th Anniversary) will be in stores this August!

Thanks for joining us for this opening look at DC HeroClix: 10th Anniversary and be sure to keep your eyes out for more previews as we showcase more fantastic and unique figures found in this set!