DC HeroClix: Batman Preview

DC HeroCix Batman: Booster Gold!

Greetings, HeroClix fans!

We are pleased to have you join us as we celebrate Blue & Gold Week at WizKids Headquarters!  For today’s DC HeroClix: Batman preview, we shine the spotlight on a hero who LOVES the spotlight.  Please welcome the “Gold” representative of the Blue & Gold team, Booster Gold!


Booster Gold comes into play at 98 points and has a range of seven with one target.  Booster Gold’s powers all come from technology that he, ahem, “borrowed” from a museum in the future so he begins his dial with two clicks of Running Shot in his speed slot as his Legion Flight Ring whisks him into position for a ranged attack.  Flurry appears on his last four clicks as Booster Gold gets caught in the heat of the moment and serves up a plate of knuckle sandwiches.

In Booster Gold’s attack slot, he starts his dial with three clicks of a special power, Skeets, which represents the security robot that assists Booster Gold.  Skeets changes Booster Gold’s Standard attack symbol to the Duo symbol.  Mid-dial, Skeets disappears as Booster Gold utilizes his wrist blasters (Energy Explosion) for three clicks.  Skeets returns on Booster Gold’s last click.

Defensively, Booster Gold’s power suit grants him increased strength, durability, and is light-weight so he starts his dial with a click of Energy Shield/Deflection.  Booster Gold’s suit is also equipped with a force field generated by Brainiac 5’s belt.  This force field is represented via three clicks of Toughness.  Energy Shield/Deflection returns for Booster Gold’s last three clicks.

Although Booster Gold initially became a hero to earn fame and riches, he’s since worked hard to improve his image.  In Booster Gold’s damage slot, he starts with a click of Leadership as he shows his teammate that he’s more than he appears.  On his last two clicks, Booster Gold has Perplex as he gets the better of those who assume him to be a buffoon.

In between Leadership and Perplex, Booster Gold has a special power for the majority of his dial that allows him to shift the odds in his favor.  The Advantage of Time Travel allows Booster Gold to use Probability Control.  When Booster Gold uses it for his own attack roll, he may used Probability Control again as long as the rerolled value is higher than the previous ignored value.

Booster Gold has the JLA team ability and a trio of keywords (Celebrity, Future, and Justice League International) that open up options when adding him to a force.  At 98 points, Booster Gold is an ideal secondary attacker in larger-point games and leaves plenty of room for other teammates.

Thanks for reading!  Please join us next time as we continue Blue & Gold Week and preview a character who’s arguably smarter than Batman.  Until then, keep your clicks of their KOs and don’t tell J’onn J’onzz where his cookies are hidden!