Chaos War Preview

Chaos War – Kree-Empowered Avenger Genis-Vell!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s preview from the Marvel HeroClix: Chaos War set, we check in with a Kree soldier who has enjoyed multiple code names, Genis-Vell!

Genis-Vell begins play taking the fight to your opponent with Running Shot, which combined with his 8 range and 2 targets with a printed 4 damage, has the potential to mess up their plans.  Or, if an appropriate opportunity presents itself, Pulse Wave can cause some serious damage.  Impervious will protect Genis-Vell from the inevitable counter attack.   On his second click, Genis-Vell stays pretty much the same, but with some stat changes, his defense goes up and his damage goes down, and he sees a special power in his damage slot called A Touch of Insanity.   This power allows Genis-Vell to use Perplex.  When he does, instead of the normal effect, choose +2 or -2 and roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled.  Based on the result, modify the following value on the target character by the chosen amount.  On a result of 1, Speed.  On a result of 2, Attack.  On a result of 3, Defense.  On a result of 4, Damage.  On a result of 5, Range.  On a result of 6, all combat values.

Mid-dial, Genis-Vell switches tactics as he gains Hypersonic Speed for a couple of clicks.  Steel Energy has the potential to add a click of life back to his dial.   Genis-Vell cycles powers in his defense slot first with a click of Toughness, to reduce damage, then one of Super Senses, to try and avoid an attack.  A Touch of Insanity is still here for a click, before giving way to Outwit.  On the last click in this section of dial, Genis-Vell can use Phasing/Teleport to put some distance between himself and any pursuers to try and use Regeneration, potentially getting him back to the top of his dial.   Probability Control can help with this, or make sure an attack with Pulse Wave hits anyone within his range.

At the end of his dial, Genis-Vell possesses Phasing/Teleport to get him to where he can best take shots at someone and use his Outwit, while Toughness will offer some protection.  Next up, Genis-Vell has Running Shot to move and attack, and Super Senses to try and avoid return fire.  A touch of Insanity makes its last appearance as well on this click.  On his last click, Genis-Vell again has Hypersonic Speed and Pulse Wave as attack options, and Portability Control to help dice rolls come out in his favor.  This end section of his dial is also the Alter Ego point for Rick Jones from the Marvel HeroClix: Incredible Hulk set. 

At 200 points, Genis-Vell brings some solid stats and powers to your force, all without the fear of being outwitted due to his Power Cosmic team ability.  Genis-Vell also possesses the Cosmic, Eternal, Kree, and Thunderbolts keywords, giving him some great theme team options, as well as being a value to a wildcard abuse team if you pay the 7 points to attach the Thunderbolts ATA to him.  Avenge his father’s (Captain Marvel) honor when Chaos War releases everywhere this July!

Thanks for reading and be sure to check back next week when we continue to explore the Marvel HeroClix: Chaos War set.