BioShock: Infinite HeroClix Preview

BioShock Infinite HeroClix: Zachary Hale Comstock!

Greetings Heroclix Fans!

Today we continue our previews of the Bioshock Infinite HeroClix set with Zachary Hale Comstock!


Zachary Hale Comstock is a 70 point figure with the Celebrity, Founders, Politician and Ruler keywords. The main draw to Zachary Hale Comstock is his special damage power that he has on his first two clicks called Hero of Wounded Knee. Hero of Wounded Knee says that Zachary Hale Comstock can use Leadership and Outwit. When he uses Leadership and rolls a 6, standard powers of friendly characters within 4 squares can’t be countered until your next turn. We all know how much of a pain Outwit can be, so if you can get Zachery Hale Comstock within the 4 squares you can possibly stop characters, like Daimion Hellstrom from the Marvel Heroclix Amazing Spiderman Set who also has the Ruler keyword, from losing an important power like Psychic Blast or Shape Change.

Zachary Hale Comstock also possesses Outwit his entire dial (either from his special power or standard Outwit) which we all know can be a pretty powerful gam-changer.  Outwit is also a power lacking from a lot of figures with the Founder Keyword.  Luckily Zachary Hale Comstock has the Founder Keyword as well as the Founder Team Ability meaning he plays well with characters from the Bioshock Infinite HeroClix set.  Zachary Hale Comstock would fit nicely on a team with Booker Dewitt, Elizabeth, Boy of Silence, and a Machine Gun Turret for a 300 point Founders team. This also allows you to take advantage of the split/merge ability with the Booker and Elizabeth duo figure. You can just have Zachary Hale Comstock sit in hindering terrain or use Elizabeth’s trait Pieces of Another World to create hindering terrain so he can take advantage of his Stealth on his first three clicks while he Outwits opposing characters and protects his friendly characters from being Outwitted.

Zachary Hale Comstock also has Mastermind on all but his last click, which you can use to keep him alive a bit longer to get more usage out of his Outwit if you need to. Just be careful as you can’t use Mastermind on the Machine Gun Turret though you can take off a token with his Leadership. Zachary Hale Comstock really does pull his weight on any team he is on, being a low cost support piece. Only issues you might find is his versatility may paint a rather big target on this figure!

That concludes our preview today of Bioshock Infinite HeroClix. Please keep checking for more previews from this and other upcoming sets but until next time, keep swinging up those objects!