BioShock: Infinite HeroClix Preview

BioShock Infinite HeroClix: Booker & Liz and Boy of Silence!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

We begin our series of previews for the BioShock Infinite HeroClix set with a look at a duo of the game’s main characters and one of its recurring antagonists.  We are pleased to present Booker and Liz and Boy of Silence!

First, let’s take a look at former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt and the mysterious Elizabeth, who are featured on the Booker and Liz duo character!


Coming in at 150 points, Booker and Liz begin play with a powerful trait called Shaping Destiny, which prevents opposing characters with range from using Probability Control.  Opposing characters within range who use a free action to use Outwit or Perplex must be given a power action instead. (Booker and Liz have a range of six squares and two targets.)

For the majority of their dial, Booker and Liz alternate between Phasing/Teleport and Running Shot in their movement slot as they step through tears in reality created by Elizabeth and shoot their way out of tight spots.  Booker and Liz end their dial with Phasing/Teleport on their last two clicks.  In their damage slot, Booker and Liz have a long run of Perplex.

In the defense slot, Booker and Liz start with two clicks of Energy Shield/Deflection as Elizabeth warns Booker DeWitt of any incoming ranged attacks.  Regeneration occupies the last three clicks as Booker and Liz replenish their health by using first aid kits.  In addition to those two standard powers, Booker and Liz have the Indomitable combat ability, which allows them to use Willpower.

In their attack slot Booker and Liz have the Duo Attack combat ability and start their dial with Energy ExplosionEnergy Explosion disappears on Booker and Liz’s second click but returns on click 5 and the last two slots.  On all the other attack slots, Booker and Liz have a special power called Murder of Crows, which lets them use Energy Explosion and Smoke Cloud.  When Booker and Liz use Smoke Cloud, they can potentially deal penetrating damage to opposing character that occupy the hindering terrain markers.

Booker and Liz have the Founders, Future, Herald, Past and Vox keywords, which makes them versatile when building your force with this duo as your centerpiece.  Shaping Destiny should come in handy against opponents who rely heavily on any of the big three powers from the damage slot: Probability Control, Outwit, and Perplex.  Valuewise, Booker and Liz have consistent damage values and their attack values never drop below a 10 until the last three clicks.


In the world of BioShock Infinite, no sin may evade the gaze of the Boy of Silence.  This holds especially true for the HeroClix version of this character, which Booker DeWitt encounters several times throughout his journey in Columbia!

Boy of Silence comes in at 50 points and has an Improved Movement ability called Silent Steps, which lets him ignore hindering terrain when moving.  Boy of Silence also has a range of six squares and two targets.

In addition, Boy of Silence has the Founders team ability, which reads: “At the beginning of your turn, choose a single opposing character within line of fire of any one character that can use this team ability; all friendly characters using this team ability modify their attack value by +1 when attacking the chosen target this turn. Uncopyable.

The senses-enhancing helmet worn by Boy of Silence is represented by a special power on the first three clicks called Waiting for the Noise.  This special power lets Boy of Silence use Charge, Quake, and Stealth.  Additionally, the futility of attacking Boy of Silence is represented in the defense slot as Toughness on all but the first click.  On its last three clicks, Boy of Silence has sounded its alarm and its piercing scream is represented as Pulse Wave.  You’ll want to note that Boy of Silence’s attack and defense values rise the deeper it moves into its dial.

At 50 points, Boy of Silence makes an interesting teammate for Booker and Liz, with whom they share the Founders and Herald keywords.  (Boy of Silence also has the Monster keyword.)

An easy, even 300-point force could see Booker and Liz manipulating three Boys of Silence, with the latter taking the point as the force advances on the battlefield and reaping the benefits of the +1 attack modifiers from the Founders team ability.  Meanwhile, Booker and Liz’s Murder of Crows special power can create the hindering terrain the Boy of Silence needs for Stealth, until it’s time for him to Charge and then Quake.

Feel free to push the Boy of Silence onto his 18 defense clicks, which can be modified to 19s thanks to some Perplex from Booker and Liz.  Or have Booker and Liz modify the Boy of Silence’s attack value to make sure that Pulse Wave attack hits. (Just make sure Booker and Liz stay out of the Pulse Wave range!)

Thanks for reading!  Join us again when we reveal more secrets from Columbia in the BioShock Infinite HeroClix set due in stores this June!  Until then, may all your Impervious rolls be successful!