Preview The Dark Knight Rises

Batman Begins – Master Bruce Wayne!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

For today’s DC HeroClix: The Dark Knight Rises preview, we visit with Bruce Wayne during a time when he trained in Asia with Ra’s al-Ghul and Henri Ducard.  From the film Batman Begins, please welcome Master Wayne!


Clocking in at 50 points, Master Wayne begins play with a full dial of Smoke Cloud to represent the training he received in theatricality and deception.  He also possesses the Batman Ally team ability, which allows him to use Stealth. In addition, he also has the Underworld team ability, which allows him to carry another character using the same team ability – or two characters, if both have a lower point cost!

Master Wayne learned to be mindful of his surroundings, which is why he has Combat Reflexes on the first three clicks of his defense slot. A special power, Training Among Criminals, appears on those same three clicks but in his damage slot.  With this special power, Master Wayne can use Shape Change and Perplex.  When he uses Perplex, he may only target himself.

Leap/Climb appears in the first click of Master Wayne’s movement slot and represents his journey to find Ra’s al-Ghul.  That’s followed by two clicks of Charge, which works well with the Combat Reflexes in his defensive slot. Leap/Climb reappears on the back half of Master Wayne’s dial to allow him to either reposition for another attack or regroup to heal or try a different tactic.  Speaking of the back half of Master Wayne’s dial, he drops Combat Reflexes on his last two clicks in favor of Willpower. He also drops Training Among Criminals for a straightforward use of Outwit.

Master Wayne possesses the Gotham City, League of Assassins, and Martial Artist keywords.  He makes a great addition to any team and leaves plenty of room for some heavy hitters and support pieces.

That’s all we have for today!  Join us for our next DC HeroClix: The Dark Knight Rises article when we continue our previews from this exciting set!  Until then, keep your Clix off their KO’s!