Assassin's Creed Preview

Assassin’s Creed HeroClix: Prince Ahmet!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Welcome back as we continue to explore the Assassins Creed HeroClix setThis time, we look at a character who in the game was the mastermind of the Templar plot to open Altaïr’s library, Prince Ahmet.


Prince Ahmet has a trait called Blood Will End Bloodshed, allowing him to use Enhancement. Also, as a free action, you may choose an adjacent friendly character, roll a d6, and on a result of 6, that character’s ranged combat attacks deal penetrating damage this turn.  With the boost from Enhancement, this could be quite deadly.

Prince Ahmet begins play hiding in the shadows with Stealth.  Along with his trait, he has many good reasons to keep a couple of range attackers adjacent to him.  Leadership can potentially add an action to your action pool, as well as remove a token from an adjacent figure, making his trait that much more useful.  Prince Ahmet also has a special power in his defense slot called I Will Shatter Your Plans–and You Will Take the Blame, that lets him use both Mastermind and Outwit.  This special power Outwit lets him roll a d6, and deal 1 damage to a different opposing character adjacent to the target on a result of 4-6.

Adding to his ability to get the most out of adjacent friendly figures is his team ability, the new TEMPLARS team ability.  If Prince Ahmet (or anyone using this TA) has one or more action tokens at the beginning of your turn, as a free action he can modify the attack or defense value of an adjacent friendly character by +1 until your next turn.  Making sure Prince Ahmet has action tokens often without fear of pushing is easy with his Indomitable combat ability.

After his opening click, Prince Ahmet trades Leadership for a run of Exploit Weakness, which will allow him to damage anyone he can hit who tries to base him and neutralize his trait.

Mid-dial, Prince Ahmet becomes a bit more formidable as a close combat figure as he gains Flurry for the rest of his dial.  The first click of Flurry may only have a printed 1 damage, but any hits will count as he sees his last click of Exploit Weakness.  After this, Prince Ahmet goes back up to a printed 2 damage, and sees his highest attack values.  As Prince Ahmet will most likely be in close combat, this end of his dial not only sees his highest defensive numbers, but also the inclusion of Combat Reflexes will make him harder to hit up close.

Prince Ahmet has two options for theme team build with the Ruler, and Templars keywords. Clocking in at 80 points, Prince Ahmet has some good stats and powers in his own right, but will particularly shine on a range based team, especially those with the Sharpshooter combat ability.

That’s all for now.  As always, thanks for reading, and be sure to check back soon as we bring you more previews of upcoming figures from more exciting HeroClix sets.