Chaos War Preview

Arthurian Sorceress and Avengers Foe: Morgan Le Fay!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we celebrate the release of our newest Marvel HeroClix set, Chaos War, with a special bonus preview that takes us back in time to visit the  powerful sorceress who instructed Doctor Doom in the mystic arts, Morgan Le Fay! 

Morgan Le Fay possesses two traits.  The first trait, My Alternate Avengers, allows Morgan Le Fay the use of Perplex, but only to target a character with the Avengers keyword, and when she does, she may use it normally, or she can modify any value except damage by +2 or -2.  Additionally, even though she does not have the Avengers keyword, she may be included on an Avengers theme team without breaking theme.  Her second trait is Cold Steele is My Bane, which gives +1 to the die result of an opposing figure’s Bladed/Claws/Fangs roll when they make a successful attack against Morgan Le Fay with that power.

Morgan Le Fay begins play using Phasing/Teleport to get herself and an ally, by using her flight ability, into a position useful to your force.  Once in place, Shape Change will allow her to attempt to avoid attacks.  Her special power will also allow Morgan Le Fay put herself in an even better defensive position.  Astral Form Fade allows Morgan Le Fay to make a choice at the beginning of her turn.  She may choose Energy Shield Deflection or Combat Reflexes, and she can use that power until the beginning of her next turn.  Penetrating/Psychic Blast, with her 7 range, will allow Morgan Le Fay to do some solid damage to an opposing figure.

Her second click sees most of her powers switch.  Mind Control will allow Morgan Le Fay to attempt to take control of an opposing figure.  Though here attack power is one less than on her first click, Probability Control will improve her odds of making her attack.   Poison will deter some opposing figures from basing Morgan Le Fay.  Poison and Penetrating/Psychic Blast will alternate clicks deep into her dial.

Mid-dial, Stealth will cut down on the number of opposing figures that can draw line of fire to Morgan Le Fay, and she will enjoy the cover it provides for a few clicks, the first overlapping with her Probability Control and her defensive special power.  At this point, Morgan Le Fay picks up Willpower as her defense values start to climb.  Morgan Le Fay’s Willpower clicks will be the last appearances of Poison and Penetrating/Psychic Blast on her dial.

On her last two clicks, Morgan Le Fay through Mind Control and Phasing/Teleport again.  If possible, Morgan Le Fay can go for a KO shot with Pulse Wave, or attempt to heel using Regeneration.  In either case, Shape Change is back to help Morgan Le Fay try to avoid attacks as her defense values reach their peak.

Aside from being able to be on an Avengers theme team, Morgan Le Fay also possesses the Mystical and Past keywords.  Additionally, the Minions of Doom wildcard team ability allows Morgan Le Fay to share whatever other team abilities on your force.  At 122 points, with an aggressive power set and stats, Morgan Le Fay will be a powerful asset to many force builds.

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