Heroclix Incredible Hulk Preview

Pinky and the Brain!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

While we’re not going to be talking about genetically engineered lab mice we will be discussing a similar obsession with world domnination.  We begin today’s preview with the Humanoid!

The Humanoid begins play  wrapping around its foes and reducing their chances at breakaway thanks to Plasticity, while Super Strength gives the Humanoid the opportunity to grab an object while moving against their enemies.  Mid-dial Poison and Close Combat Expert also give the Humanoid a good chance to damage opposing figures whether they’re just standing there or making an attack!

Toughness protects the Humanoid from some damage while late-dial Regeneration gives it the opportunity to return to its opening clicks.

Last and certainly not least, the Humanoid’s minion special power Which One Just Punched Me? makes it even more annoying in combat! Which One Just Punched Me? grants the Humanoid the use of both Shape Change and Willpower if it finds itself within 8 squares of a friendly figure named Leader or The Leader.

Speaking of which, how about we check in with our resident brain? We present The Leader!

The Leader begins play striking from the shadows behind the scenes thanks to Stealth, while front-loaded Telekinesis gives a tactical boost to his teammates.  If telekinetically throwing friendly figures into the fray weren’t enough, The Leader also uses his mental might to deny his enemies the use of their own powers! I Can’t Stop Your Brute Strength, But My Mind is Far Superior is a special power that enables The Leader to use Outwit, and if he elects to not counter a defensive power, he may use it again! Talk about double trouble!

Mid-dial The Leader gains enhanced mobility thanks to Phasing/Teleport while Pulse Wave represents his lack of concern for lesser beings around him.  Late-dial The Leader exercises his brain power in the form of Mind Control and Penetrating/Psychic Blast! Outwit replaces The Leader’s earlier special power but is no less useful as there are always powers to counter on the battlefield!

Initially The Leader shrugs damage off on friendly figures thanks to Mastermind while mid-dial Energy Shield/Deflection helps protect him from ranged attacks.

Finally, The Leader’s Trait will help ensure he will have plenty of canon fodder for his Mastermind; Humanoid Regrowth Chamber allows The Leader to potentially contiully respawn his Humanoid army provided your dice are having a good night!

Tht’s all we have for today but be sure to join us later this week s we continue our exploration of the latest Marvel HeroClix expansion, the Incredible Hulk!