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HeroClix Q&A: October Players Guide

Hello there Clixers,

Well it’s that time again for a new Players Guide with all the Updates.  In this issue we have added a bunch of stuff:  Comic-Con Promos, Justice League 52 (CTD and Fast Forces), The 10th Anniversary CDT’s (Marvel and DC), Marvel TabApp and finally Assassin Creed (Brotherhood and Revelations).

We did clarify a couple of TINY things.

First off Tiny characters.

Tiny Size

Modify this character’s defense value by +1 against ranged combat attacks.  A friendly character that is larger and adjacent can use the Carry ability to carry up to one  character, regardless of its other combat symbols, does not reduce its speed value for doing so and can continue to use the Carry ability if it can normally.  This ability can’t be countered.

So your Tiny Duo’s can be carried even if they are a Flyer or a Duo, or have some other symbol that would normally not allow them to be carried.

And secondly, carrying a Tiny character via the Tiny Size ability does not prevent a character from Carrying a Second Tiny Size character through other means.

So your Transporter or Flyer can carry two Tiny Size characters.  One through the Tiny Size ability and one through their normal Carry ability.

Also we wanted to clarify the rule for Movement and Close Combat through ladders and stairs.

Below you will see a picture of Hawkman and Wonder Woman on Elevation 1.  You will also notice that Madame Xanadu and Mindwarp on Elevation 2.

Wonder Woman, Hawkman and Madame Xanadu can all Close combat each other as each one is in a square at the top or bottom of the ladder.  Mindwarp is unable to Close Combat anyone as he is not at the top or bottom of a ladder.

For movement purposes Wonder Woman is able to move from Elevation 1 to Elevation 2 through the diagonal on the two ladder to end up between both Madame Xanadu and Mindwarp.

Hopefully that will help everyone better understand Close Combat and Movement through the ladder squares,

Below you will also find the links to the latest Players Guide.  Well that’s about it for now.

And always remember “Keep Clixing, One Clix at a Time.”

Thanks for reading.

Sean aka “TechG0D”
Rules Arb

Players Guide Modern Age – 2012_10

Players Guide Golden Age – 2012_10