Heroclix Preview Superman

No Hero Escapes the Manhunters!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today’s preview is a nefarious villain and frequent foe to both Superman and the Green Lantern Corps! We are pleased to present none other than the Manhunter Grandmaster!

The Manhunter Grandmaster flies onto the battlefield with Hypersonic Speed, striking at his foes with close or ranged combat attacks,  while his Indomitable ability grants him Willpower so he can act two turns in a row without fear of incurring pushing damage.  And with Ranged Combat Expert on his early-dial, the Manhunter Grandmaster can move into position making a first strike against his enemies, and then on the next turn finish them off with a well-placed Ranged Combat Expert shot!

Better yet, once the Manhunter Grandmaster has resolved his first action you can potentially set up a shield of friendly figures to protect him while he waits to take an action the next turn, due to his Leader of the Manhunters trait.  Thanks to this trait, once the Manhunter Grandmaster has completed a non-free action, he can give any number of friendly-figures with the Robot keyword a free action to move one square, three squares if they have Manhunter in their name! Since the Manhunters are determined to keep their leader alive and well, they will gladly run interference for the Manhunter Grandmaster.

Early- to mid-dial the Manhunter Grandmaster briefly gains Super Strength allowing him to potentially deal more damage in close-combat (should he grab a light or heavy object while he’s speeding around the battlefield), and alternates between Phasing/Teleport and Running Shot, combining the best aspects of mobility and attacking from a distance.

And as if he needed further encouragement to make ranged attacks, the Manhunter Grandmaster also gains Penetrating/Psychic Blast, meaning he can cut through the damage-reducing defenses of his foes!  The Manhunter Grandmaster further demonstrates his ability to get the most from his followers with Enhancement, giving friendly figures a slight damage boost when they make ranged attacks themselves while adjacent to him.

Initially, the Manhunter Grandmaster is protected first by the ever-useful Impervious, and then Invulnerability, allowing him to soak up a sizeable amount of damage during the game.  Late-dial the Manhunter Grandmaster gains the But, I Want to Die… special power which grants him the use of Regeneration as a free-action at the beginning of his turn.  Between his damage reduction and his free-action Regeneration, the Manhunter Grandmaster possesses a great deal of durability and is guaranteed to prove his worth on the battlefield!

At 172 points, featuring a host of useful and aggressive powers, and  consistent combat values early- to mid-dial, the Manhunter Grandmaster will make a lethal addition to your next invasion of Earth!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak-peek into the Superman Organized Play kit today.  Be sure to join us next week as we continue to spotlight more figures from the upcoming expansion to DC HeroClix: Superman!