Avengers Movie Heroclix Preview

Marvel HeroClix Free Comic Book Day Thor!

Greetings HeroClix Fans and Comic Book Enthusiasts!

In just over two weeks comic book stores all over North America will be celebrating the first Saturday of May.  “What’s so special about this day?” you may ask? Why it is Free Comic Book Day and for the fourth year running WizKids Games is happy to support the event with the FCBD Thor HeroClix figure!

This single-figure booster will be available at participating comic book retailers all over North America on Free Comic Book Day.  As you can see form the packaging, it is thematically tied to the recent release of The Avengers movie HeroClix set and features a figure and dial design not found in that set:

Playable at two different point values, 250 and 150 points, Thor is a veritable powerhouse to the battlefield and he brings a significant presence to your Avengers teams! A full dial of move and attack powers coupled with a good balance of both close-combat and ranged-combat powers makes Thor a daunting piece to oppose on the HeroClix map!

Thor also wields his trusted weapon, Mjolnir, as represented by his 8 Range and his Flight and Indomitable abilities ensure that Thor will be able to take full advantage of the battlefield as he maneuvers into position and presses the attack against his enemies!

Thor will definitely make his presence felt in your next HeroClix game, so be sure to find a comic book store near you and get your’s on May 5th, 2012!

And don’t fret if you cannot find a FCBD participating store near you.  The Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Marquee Figure is identical in every way to the FCBD Thor above, save for the packaging:

The only difference between the two figures is the “Marquee Figure” label on the side of the box! The Avengers Marquee Figure is our solution for fans and supporters who aren’t able to participate in Free Comic Book Day, so ask your local retailer how you can get your’s in just over two weeks.

As an added bonus, each Free Comic Book Day and Avengers Marquee Figure will also include an Online Enhanced code that will unlock exclusive content in HeroClix Online!

Thanks go out to all of the Free Comic Book Day retailers, supporters, participants, as well as our distributing partners and of course to you, our fans.  Have a safe and happy Free Comic Book Day on May 5th, 2012!