Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron

Meet the Avengers: Age of Ultron (Part 2)

Welcome back, HeroClix fans, to the second half of our exciting series of previews for the Marvel HeroClix Avengers: Age of Ultron set, based on the surefire hit of the summer! Last time, we checked in with Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man Mk. 43, and today we’ll be digging deeper into the powers of the other core members of the Avengers – Hawkeye, Black Widow, and the Hulk!

Like their fellow Avengers, all three characters come to the battle with the Avengers Initiative team ability, allowing them the advantageous position of ignoring hindering terrain for movement and line of fire. Black Widow and Hawkeye in particular will take great advantage of this, as each comes with a trait that grants them permanent move and attack powers. Hulk, of course, is a rampaging brute, and will make use of the team ability with an entire dial where he’s able to use Charge, but more on that later.

Black Widow, Avengers, Age of Ultron

To kick things off, Black Widow opens with Improved Movement – Ignores Characters, which means that very little will be getting in Natasha’s way as she cuts a path through your opponents’ ranks. She also has a trait called Just Like Budapest All Over Again, which grants her the aforementioned use of Charge. With that, she also has an adjacency bonus with Hawkeye, where each modifies their defense value by +1 when they’re next to each other. In addition to that, she has a special attack power called Escrima Sticks and Widow Stings that really showcases her fluid fighting style, granting her the use of both Incapacitate and Quake. Finally, her special damage power, The Deadly Widow, states that she can use Close Combat Expert. With that, however, is this bonus – if she has no action tokens, she can either choose to activate it as a close combat action, or she may instead modify her attack value by an additional +1 when using it!

Hawkeye, Avengers, Age of Ultron

Her partner in all things espionage, Hawkeye, has a very similar structure to Black Widow. Being an expert marksman, he begins with Improved Targeting – Ignores Characters. Coupling with Natasha’s trait, Clint has one called You and I Remember Budapest Very Differently, which grants him a full dial of Running Shot. Much like Black Widow, he also has a qualifying bonus when adjacent to her, in which both Hawkeye and Black Widow modify their attack by +1 when they’re fighting side by side. He also has a special attack power called Explosive Arrows, which grants him the use of Energy Explosion, as well as Improved Targeting – Ignores Blocking Terrain, with the additional bonus of destroying any blocking terrain along the line of fire to the target. To close him out, he also has a special damage power called The Deadly Hawk, which grants him the use of Ranged Combat Expert. He also gains the same option as Black Widow does, wherein if he has no action tokens, he may either activate the power as a ranged combat action, or may instead modify his attack value by an additional +1 when using it.

Hulk, Avengers, Age of Ultron

Finally, we come to the SMASHing monster of the Avengers, the incredible Hulk! An indomitable force of destruction, Hulk can be run at either 250 points or 150 points. Right off the bat, he begins with a trait called Enormous Green Rage Monster, which gives Hulk both Battle Fury and Super Strength. With that, however, comes a major bonus – whenever he is the target of an attack, you will place a Rage token on his card. You are then able to give Hulk a free action, and you may choose a combat value. For each Rage token you remove from his card, you will increase the value of Movement, Attack, or Defense by 1 until your next turn. If you’d like to increase his damage, you will instead have to remove 2 Rage tokens to increase that by 1. He’s truly a force of nature, and these Rage tokens will make him an even more deadly force of destruction for your team!

Hulk also has an array of special powers that take advantage of both his trait and team ability. On movement, he has a power called Hulk SMASH! that grants him the use of Charge. However, when using it, he doesn’t have to cut his movement value in half – and moving 8, 9, or 10 squares across the map to attack while ignoring hindering terrain is a deadly combination! In addition to that, he has a special damage power called You’re Making Hulk Angry! This is a stop click power, triggered on three separate occasions. When this power appears, you will stop turning the dial and roll a d6 that can’t be rerolled. On a 1-2, you will turn the dial to click 11. On 3-4, you’ll stay on that click, and on a 5-6, you can choose to stay or go to click 11. That 11th click is a powerful one, and gives Hulk a special defensive power called Raging Out! This powers allows for him to use Impervious and Improved Movement – Ignores and Destroys Blocking Terrain as he moves through it. In addition to that, after rolling for Impervious, if Hulk would take damage, he instead removes a Rage token for each click of damage that Hulk would take. If he takes more damage than the number of Rage tokens on his card, he’s KO’d.

That closes out the previews for the Marvel HeroClix Avengers: Age of Ultron movie starter set! Be sure to pick this up and to be on the lookout for both the hobby shop and mass-market exclusive gravity feed sets – each has 5 exclusive dials available only in those locations! Until then, keep clixin’!