Marvel HeroClix: Ant-Man Box Set

Marvel HeroClix: Ant-Man Box Set- Wasp

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Not every hero is lucky enough to be the focus of their own HeroClix set.  But Hank Pym can count himself among the fortunate as he’s the star of the Marvel HeroClix: Ant-Man Box Set, which features six versions of the Avengers’ scientist supreme from different periods of his heroic career.  Today, we take a look at a costumed identity Hank Pym adopted after the death of his ex-wife, Janet Van Dyne.  Please welcome the Wasp!

Marvel HeroClix: Ant-Man Box Set- Wasp

Wasp can be played at either 100 or 50 points, with his 50-point starting line appearing on click 4.  We’ve previously shown you several characters from our upcoming Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron Storyline Organized Play series that possess the Morph: Many Identities trait.  Wasp and the other characters in the Ant-Man Box Set also have this trait, which gives players even more options for swapping figures.

Additionally, Wasp has two more traits, Ant Swarm and Go Spy For MeAnt Swarm allows you to place an Ant Swarm bystander token in an adjacent square when Wasp is brought into the game through a Morph ability.  Go Spy For Me upgrades those Ant Swarm bystanders by letting them use Stealth, the Flight ability, and modifies their speed values by +3.

Wasp has a range of five squares and two targets.  He also has an Improved Targeting ability called Infrared Goggles, which lets him ignore hindering terrain when drawing lines of fire.

Moving on to Wasp’s dial, his speed track alternates between Running Shot and Sidestep and his speed values are consistent at 7 squares.  Wasp’s attack slot isn’t as consistent:  Three clicks of Energy Explosion with attack values of 10 appear on the front half of the dial.  The back half features two clicks of Blades/Claws/Fangs with another Energy Explosion click sandwiched between.  Energy Explosion makes good use of Wasp’s range and targets since they’re paired with Running Shot on three of the four clicks in which they appear.

Wasp’s damage slot has consistent values of 3 on each click; powerwise, he starts with a click of Leadership, then can help adjacent friendly characters deal more damage with their close combat attacks via EmpowerLeadership returns on Wasp’s last three clicks.  Finally, Wasp starts his dial with Toughness in his defense slot to absorb some damage dealt to him.  Mid-dial Wasp switches to Willpower.  A final click of Regeneration helps him stay in the fight a little longer.

Like all the characters in the Ant-Man Box Set, Wasp has the Avengers and Scientist keywords to make theme team building easy.

That’s all for this sneak peek at the Marvel HeroClix: Ant-Man Box Set!  Stay tuned as we reveal characters from other exciting HeroClix releases in the days and weeks to come!