Marvel HeroClix: Ant-Man Box Set

Marvel HeroClix: Ant-Man Box Set- Giant-Man

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we take a look at the largest figure found in the Marvel HeroClix: Ant-Man Box Set, in terms of base size and point values.  Standing on a 2-square by 2-square base and with four starting lines, Giant-Man is formidable on his own but also works well as a teammate.

Marvel HeroClix: Ant-Man Box Set- Giant-Man

Giant-Man can be played as high as 300 points and as low as 50 points. His point values make it easy to insert him into the lineup of just about any team you wish, or play him as a one-man army at his highest point value!

Giant-Man has the Morph: Many Identities trait possessed by other characters in the Ant-Man Box Set which allows you to swap him out for a figure that may be more useful to you.  Because of Giant-Man’s higher point values, you’ll have to use his blue click numbers when replacing him through the Morph: Many Identities trait.

Morph: Many Identities is one of three traits Giant-Man possesses.  His second trait is Giant Ant, which lets him replace an Ant Swarm bystander token next to him when Giant-Man is brought into the game through a Morph ability.  The third trait, Grow to Any Size, lets Giant-Man punch opponents from two squares away and carry his teammates by using the Giant Reach ability.

Moving to Giant-Man’s dial, he starts with a pair of special powers that lets him hit multiple opponents and shows off his smart, scientific side.  The first special power, Brilliant on the Battlefield, is scattered throughout Giant-Man’s attack track and lets him attack twice by using FlurryBrilliant on the Battlefield also lets Giant-Man take away an opponent’s power or ability via Outwit.  Additionally, if he uses Outwit on an opponent and it takes damage this turn, Giant-Man can use Outwit a second time.

The second special power, Flatten You, Villains!, is found only on Giant-Man’s first four clicks in the damage slot but complements Brilliant on the Battlefield by letting him use Perplex to boost or lower a combat value on a friendly or opposing character.  Flatten You, Villains! also lets Giant-Man use Quake to damage all adjacent opponents and potentially knock them back.  (Don’t forget that the Grow to Any Size trait lets Giant-Man punch from two squares away!)

When Giant-Man isn’t using Flatten You, Villains!, he has Empower to boost the damage values of his teammates when they punch enemy figures.  To help Giant-Man get into battle quickly, he uses either Charge or Sidestep.  Finally, Giant-Man protects himself by using Impervious to potentially shrug off any damage dealt to him.  He then switches to Invulnerability and Toughness as he gets deeper into his dial.  Mid-way through his dial Giant-Man picks up Invincible before closing things out with the return of Toughness.

Like all the characters in the Ant-Man Box Set, Giant-Man has the Avengers and Scientist keywords to use when designing themed teams.  Giant-Man brings strong attack, damage and defense values to the table, along with a fun set of powers that lets him hold his own in a fight.  Giant-Man’s speed values are somewhat average but his larger base size means he can still get across a map and into the opposing force’s face fairly quickly!

That’s all for this peek at the Marvel HeroClix: Ant-Man Box Set!  Visit your Friendly Local Game Store to pick up your ‘Clix today. Stay tuned as we reveal characters from other exciting HeroClix releases in the days and weeks to come!