Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron SLOP

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron- Ultron (Future & Drone)

Greetings Future Slaves of Robotkind,

To finish off the week, you have the privilege of seeing our final Ultron preview and the future in the Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron Storyline OP set. The future of ultimate intelligence, the Ultron of the future, behold, Ultron (Future)!

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron - Ultron (Future)

Ultron (Future) has 2 different point costs, 200 and 270 points. His 270-point cost, Ultron has 8 clicks of life, Indomitable, Improved Movement: ignores characters, and an 8 range with a single target. His 200-point dial starts on click 4 with 5 clicks of life.

Ultron’s trait, Vibranium-Adamantium Alloy Ultron can use Energy Shield/Deflection and Impervious. When he uses Impervious and the result is 5 -6, deal the attacker 1 unavoidable damage. With Super Senses on every click but his last, Ultron will be near impossible to hit, and the painful sting of failure at times may be your opponent’s only reward!

Ultron’s top 4 clicks have the same combat values, a 7 movement, an 11 attack, 17 defense, and 4 damage. His entire dial his damage never falls below 4, so 2 attacks can K.O. most of his enemies! With Sidestep, Pulse Wave, and Perplex on his top click, your enemies will be welcoming their new robot overlord!

On click 2 Ultron introduces his damage special power, Obliteration Beam. You give Ultron a power action and choose a direction. When you do, Ultron can use Improved Targeting: ignores characters, even adjacent ones, and makes a ranged combat attack with an area of effect including any character within range and line of fire along that direct line dealing 3 penetrating damage to each hit character. Let the obliteration of organic life begin!

Farther down the dial, Ultron gets Poison for a more personal humanity cleansing experience as well as the special movement power, A Favor? That Is Interesting. It says to give Ultron a free action and choose an opposing character. That character’s player chooses one: deal the chosen character 2 unavoidable damage and deal Ultron 1 unavoidable damage; or heal Ultron of 1 damage. On his last click Ultron has Regeneration to recharge his power cells and continue his mission directive to destroy all human life.

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron - Ultron (Future Drone)

The Ultron (Future Drone) has 2 traits. The first is Autonomous or Drone Mode, which is similar as previous Drone models, Ultron costs 120 points, or costs 30 points and begins on the click #1 after the orange KO. Until KO’d, Ultron is considered 120 points.

The second is also the same as other Ultron Drone models, Basic Programming. When Ultron has no action tokens, its actions don’t count against your action total. When Ultron begins or ends a non-free action adjacent to a friendly character whose name includes Ultron, it can use Willpower that action.

Top click Ultron begins with Sidestep and Invulnerability. He has a 6 range with single target and Improved Movement: ignores characters. Second click he gains Close Combat Expert and the special attack power Spikes and Crackling Energy Ultron can use Poison and deals penetrating damage while using it. If Ultron possesses this power after taking damage from an attack, deal the attacker 1 unavoidable damage. Perhaps the gift of non existence will bring enlightenment to the human race?

At his 120-point cost, center dial Ultron gains Flurry, Perplex, and the defense special power Regenerative Programming and it allows Ultron to use Invulnerability and Regeneration. The end is nigh, and his name is Ultron.

You have been spared another day for this preview and perhaps you will be allowed to continue to exist to see more of the Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron Storyline OP set!