Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron SLOP

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron SLOP- Hercules

Greetings HeroClix fans! Welcome back to another exciting preview from the Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron Storyline OP event, kicking off in June! Today, you are deemed worthy to receive the gift of the Lion of Olympus, the Mighty Hercules!

Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron SLOP- Hercules

The son of a mortal woman and the god-king Zeus, Hercules is one of the most powerful of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! His trait, Strongest of the Olympians helps illustrate that, as it grants Herc the ability to use Super Strength, though he’s unable to drop objects. His fighting style is one of utter destruction, and throughout his history, Hercules has been apt to use objects around him as weapons. The Prince of Power shows his resourcefulness with the second part of this trait, which states that if he begins his turn occupying hindering terrain, and if he isn’t holding an object, you may roll a d6 and give him a standard object from outside the game. One a 1-4, Herc can pick up light object, and on a 5-6, he can pick up a heavy object.

Brash and bold, Hercules displays his fighting prowess via his two special powers. The first, entitled If it is Battle You Crave, Hercules Shall Oblige! grants Herc the ability to use Charge, Flurry and Improved Movement, ignoring hindering terrain, and ignoring blocking terrain, destroying it as he moves through it. His second power references the 12 Labors of myth, and is called Grappling the Lernaean Hydra. This power allows Hercules the use of Plasticity, and as a bonus, states that each opposing character adjacent to Herc modifies its attack and damage by -1 if they have any action tokens.

Indomitable in will, Hercules is always ready to tussle, and his bevy of powers show his willingness (and glee) to throw down at a moments notice! Possessing Flurry, Sidestep, Quake, Impervious, and Close Combat Expert amongst others, Herc is a front line assault force, and is not easily ignored by your opponent! Playable at his 11 click 220 point dial, or his 130 point 6 click dial, Hercules fits in nicely in both large point and standard 300 point formats.

Having been on Earth for millennia, it’s only natural that Hercules can be played on a large number of teams. He’s at home on named Avengers, Champions, or Heroes for Hire squads, as well as on generic themed teams featuring the Brute, Celebrity, Deity, or Warrior keywords.  It might be smart to work him onto a team with the Heroes for Hire additional team ability, as a second close combat attack in one turn from the Mighty Demigod can’t be a bad thing!

That’s it for today’s previews, fans! Be sure to check back next time as we explore even more fun additions to the Marvel HeroClix: Age of Ultron SLOP event!