Heroclix Preview Superman

Look! Up in the Sky!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we commence our series of once-weekly previews of the Superman “Battle for Smallville” Fast Forces set, and what better way to begin than with the last son of Krypton himself, Superman!

Superman begins play maneuvering into battle thanks to Running Shot.  Once in position, an initial click of both Shape Change and Impervious protects Superman while his Arctic Breath special power enables him to use Incapacitate and add tokens to figures adjacent to his target as well! Once he’s shed his mild-mannered disguise, Superman switches tactics as he gains the For Tomorrow special power which grants both Super Strength and Willpower while Impervious is replaced with Super Senses.

Mid-dial Superman demonstrates his incredible swiftness with Hypersonic Speed.  As Superman flies across the battlefield faster than a speeding bullet, he also gains Probability Control which alternates on his dial with the For Tomorrow special power.  Both Running Shot and the Arctic Breath special power reappear on his mid- to late dial, while first Impervious and then Invulnerability continue to protect Superman from harm.

Late-dial, Superman picks up both Flurry and Willpower as he continues to fight on no matter the odds.  We also see an sharp upturn on his defense value which pairs nicely with his Trait.  Champion of the Oppressed allows Superman to use defend on figures that are 100 points or less, and since his lowest defense value is only a 16 (and just for one click too!) this Trait will definitely come in handy!

Thanks to multiple starting points on his dial, this Superman can be played at either 200 or 150 points.  The inclusion of the Superman Ally team ability, a host of useful keywords, an aggressive power selection and great combat values all combine to make this Superman an excellent addition to any force!

Thanks for joining us for our first sneak peek at the Superman “Battle for Smallville” Fast Forces pack.  Be sure to join us next week as we spotlight the Man of Steel’s twisted reflection!