Galactic Guardians Heroclix Preview

Knowhere Security Chief: Cosmo!

Greetinks HeroClix Comrades!

For today’s Marvel HeroClix: Galactic Guardians preview we are presentink to you Mother Russia’s inadvertent addition to the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Please to be welcomink the space dog known as Cosmo!


As the liaison to the Guardians of the Galaxy and Annihilators and the head of security for Knowhere, Cosmo comes into play with the Police team ability.  Cosmo may look like an ordinary dog in a space suit but don’t underestimate this crafty canine’s mental powers!  Cosmo begins play with one click of Telekinesis to move objects or characters.  That’s backed defensively by Super Senses to represent Cosmo’s premonition.  Cosmo also has Enhancement on his starting click, which increases the damage dealt by friendly characters that make ranged attacks.  Characters with Running Shot and the Carry ability may find it handy to bring Cosmo along, although he’s likely to protest at being toted around like a celebrity’s pampered Chihuahua!

Cosmo switches tactics once he’s off his first click.  Enhancement and Telekinesis disappear.  In his movement slot he gains Mind Control, which can be handy since he also has a range of six and three targets.  That range and number of targets also is useful for the power in his attack slot, Incapacitate!  Defensively, Cosmo ditches Super Senses in favor of Barrier.  This trio of powers appears on Cosmo’s dial for two clicks.

As we reach the back end of Cosmo’s dial, Mind Control disappears and Barrier is replaced by the reappearance of Super SensesEnhancement also makes a return.  On Cosmo’s last click, Incapacitate makes way for a last-ditch use of Pulse Wave.

Cosmo checks in at 52 points and has a handful of helpful keywords (Annihilators, Animal, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Police) that make him a great, low-cost addition to any force!

That’s all we have for today!  Join us on Monday for our next DC HeroClix: The Dark Knight Rises preview as we visit with some of the members of Bruce Wayne’s support staff.