Galactic Guardians Heroclix Preview

It’s Hulking Time!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we continue our previews of the Marvel HeroClix: Galactic Guardians set as continue to visit the original non-team of Defenders, and the strongest one there is, the Hulk!

The Hulk, like the rest of the Defenders, has a trait to help his team move around.  Hulk Throw Defenders!  allows characters possessing the Defenders keyword or team ability who begin an action adjacent to Hulk to modify their speed value by +3.  If they choose to do so, they can’t use the Carry Ability and after actions resolve, give them an additional action token; if you can’t, deal them 1 unavoidable damage instead. Remember this trait, as it cool as it is, next week’s preview will really highlight it usefulness.

Hulk starts the game with the always potent combination of Charge and Super Strength, and along with his opening 11 attack and printed 4 damage, this will ensure that Hulk smash!  Charge sticks around for Hulk’s first 3 clicks, while Super Strength is present for his entire dial.  Protecting Hulk from the inevitable counter attack on his first 3 clicks is Invulnerability.  After his first click, Hulk may drop to a printed 3 damage, but Exploit Weakness will make sure the damage sticks!

Mid-dial, Hulk switches tactics as he picks up 3 clicks of Leap/Climb to better position himself for more attacks, or to make sure his Defenders allies can utilize his trait.  A run of 4 clicks of Toughness provides some protection to the Hulk.  End-dial, Hulk switches back to one more click of Charge.  Offensively, Hulk switches to 3 clicks of Close Combat Expert to close out his dial.  In his defense slot on his last two clicks, Hulk has the chance to heal himself back up into his mid-dial with Regeneration.

Hulk also can AE from Bruce Banner #002 from the Marvel HeroClix: The Incredible Hulk set.  At this point, Hulk starts with Charge and Super Strength to batter his foes, with a click of Toughness to help him take a hit.  Super Strength and Close Combat Expert make sure he will do some damage for all 3 clicks, while his 2 end-dial clicks of Regeneration will make sure he can get back to his orange starting line.

For 124 points, this Hulk packs a wallop!  He possesses the Avengers, Brute, and Defenders keywords and can be an asset to other force builds as well!

Thanks for reading, and join us next Wednesday as we continue to explore the Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Movie as we check in with a different version of everyone’s favorite Star Spangled Avenger!  Be sure to come back Friday as we continue our previews of Marvel Heroclix: Galactic Guardians as we check in with a Defender who can hang ten like no one else.