Heroclix Preview Superman

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No, It’s…

Greetings From San Diego Comic Con HeroClix Fans!

It’s a great time to be a comic book fan, and this weekend is one that fans from all over the world look forward to! What better time to start our previews than now, and who better to start with than the hero that helped launch a revolution, the Man of Steel himself, Superman!

Superman definitely comes to the battle ready to stand for truth, justice, and all that good stuff! Opening with Hypersonic Speed, Superman races into the fight manuevering to where he’ll do the most good while his Super Strength will certainly come in handy as he’s sure to grab an object while flying around! An opening click of Outwit shows us that this Superman is prepared to think outside of the box while early-dial Impervious helps protect him from his opponents’ retaliatory strikes.

Mid-dial Superman alternates a bit between Hypersonic Speed and Charge as he switches tactics to keep his opponents on their toes.  Superman also alternates between Impervious and Invulnerability during this period of his dial while picking up an additional couple of clicks of Outwit!

Mid- to late-dial Superman again switches tactics and alternates between Hypersonic Speed and now Running Shot as he utilizes Penetrating/Psychic Blast to cut through his foes’ defenses!  Outwit is followed by Perplex and Superman further demonstrates his trademark resiliency with first Impervious, then Invulnerability, and finally ToughnessSuperman also picks up Regeneration and Support near the end of his dial.  Perhaps he can (or help others to) face down evil one last time? Lastly, end-dial Earthbound/Neutralized means Superman may be striking from cover rather than soaring through the sky.

Eagle-eyed readers have probably already observed that Superman has two point values.  That’s right! Superman can be played at either 300 OR 150 points! You choose how you want to utilize the Man of Steel’s strength; will he be your entire force, or will he work with others offering a helping hand rather than dominating the battleground? How Superman fits onto your force will be up to you but rest assured that at either point value your opponents will be desperately searching for the Kryptonite!

(Speaking of Kryptonite, readers may have also noticed a new Kryptonian Keyword.  We’ll be exploring that in the weeks to come!)

At 300 or 150 points, with the Indomitable and Superman Ally abilities, Superman is a potent addition to your force.  He is sure to race in faster than a speeding bullet and leave his mark on the battlefield.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this first preview of the newest expansion to DC HeroClix, Superman.  However, that’s not all as we have yet another exciting preview for you today as well!  Stay tuned as we check in with a trio of formidable visitors from Superman’s home planet!