Heroclix Preview Superman

It Ain’t Easy Being Green!

Greetings HeroClix Fans!

Today we spotlight a character not seen since the halcyon days of Hypertime, the first DC HeroClix set! We are very pleased to present the guardian of “the Green”, the unsinkable Earth Elemental himself, Swamp Thing!

Swamp Thing begins play moving onto the battlefield with Phasing/Teleport but it’s his Trait that really gets things moving for our favorite elemental.  Swamp Thing’s Out of the Green Trait allows you to place Swamp Thing in hindering terrain up to four squares away from his starting position whenever you give him a move or close-combat action (but before that action is taken)!  Talk about manueverability!

Initially, Swamp Thing also possesses both Super Strength and Invulnerability which represent his incredible resiliency, as well as the Nature’s Assault special power.  This special power allows Swamp Thing to take a free action and deal one damage to any number of characters (your choice) within four squares and in hindering terrain during your turn.

Mid-dial Swamp Thing changes tactics slightly and gains Plasticity as well as his Hallucinatory Toxins special power.  Hallucinatory Toxins allows Swamp Thing to use Poison and if a figure with no action tokens takes damage from it, they also get an action token for their trouble! Toughness replaces Invulnerability as Swamp Thing works his way down the dial, and eventually he gains both Steal Energy and Regeneration as well as regaining Phasing/Teleport; Swamp Thing can either battle it out and take clicks from his opponents or move to safety and heal his wounds.  Either way, don’t forget about his Out of the Green Trait which allows you to place him where the most good can be had prior to his action!

At 147 points, Swamp Thing is a durable yet tricky piece to master.  However, include him on the right team with the right strategy and he can be a powerful asset for board control!

That’s all we have for today, but be sure to join us next week as check in with a very controversial member of a highly esteemed team of heroes from the future!  Until then, keep your Clix off their K.O.’s!