Heroclix Preview Superman

I, Luthor

Greetings Heroclix Fans!

Today we bring you none other than Superman’s archest of nemeses, the greatest opponent to the Man of Steel, a man who needs no further introduction, Lex Luthor!

This version of Lex Luthor has him styling very fashionable prison orange from his brief stay at Stryker’s Island, but don’t be fooled! No prison can hold Luthor unless he wills it! Lex starts out predictably displaying his smarts as he enjoys early- and mid-dial Outwit, allowing him to counter those powers most likely to do your team harm.

Luthor’s soft defense values may seem like a concern, but he defiantly challenges opposing figures to attack him! His Last Perfect Cocktail Was a Super-Serum special power stops the turning of his dial as soon as it appears.  That’s right, no matter how much damage Luthor takes, his dial stops on this click, which also features Hypersonic Speed and Impervious! Now Luthor is the super-man!

After his initial click of new-found powers, Lex Luthor picks up Charge and Super Strength, while later he exchanges his Impervious for Invulnerability.  Lastly, no more Earthbound/Neutralized means this Luthor can fly!

At only 109 points, Luthor is an excellent addition to your force.  While most figures with a tougher end-dial are sometimes a gamble, Luthor is guaranteed to stop once his most aggressive (and arguably powerful) click is revealed! Half a dial of Outwit is an excellent opener for this figure as well; Lex Luthor is sure to be every bit the master villain in your next game!

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