Live Update from U.S. HeroClix Nationals

Published on June 12th, 2014

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Greetings from Origins Game Fair 2014!

We are well underway with the first round of the Thursday U.S. HeroClix National qualifier and already some very interesting stategies are beginning to take shape!

After two rounds of play, here are some of the teams, in no particular order, that have not only gone undefeated (so far!), but definitely stand out among the competition:

1. George Massu:

Bizarro (S-LOSH #039) – 250 pts.

Infinity Gauntlet (plus all gems) – 40 pts.


2. Mathew Esbrook

Absorbing Man (FI #103) – 153 pts.

Parallax (entity; on Absorbing Man, WoL #065) – 25 pts.

Resurrection Man (WK #D017) – 92 pts.

Infinity Gauntlet (on Absorbing Man, with Reality Gem, Space Gem, Time Gem, and Mind Gem) – 30 pts.


3. Rob Barazzoul

Bizarro (S-LOSH #039) – 75 pts.

Navy Seaman x2 (Bystander, FI #405) – 16 pts.

Phantom Girl (S-LOSH #008) – 72 pts.

White Witch (S-LOSH #047a) – 87 pts.

Splitlip (FI #301) – 20 pts.

Book of the Skull (plus all Hammers) – 30 pts.


Black Witch (S-LOSH #047b)


As you can see, there are some interesting teambuilds already revealing themselves here at the first day of the U.S. HeroClix National Championship. Stay tuned for even more news to come!




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