HeroClix Nationals Road to Worlds

Live Update from U.S. HeroClix Nationals – the Final Cut!

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Greetings from Origins Game Fair 2014!

As Day Two winds down we are pleased to announce the finalists that will be competing in Day Three of the U.S.HeroClix National Championship! Here are all of the fantastic players that boldly competed for their (hard-won) seats in the Final event on Saturday:

1. Kenji Kenishiro

2. Alex Avila

3. Ross Yudis

4. Nick Peterson

5. Kennie Pena

6. Andre Robinson

7. Brian Turoski

8. Matt Bell

9. Jason Williams

10. Scott Lovelady

11. Derek Thompson

12. Geroge Massu

13. Bryan Santana

14. Ed Arnold-Berkovits

15. Jake Williams

16. Steve McColgan

17. Rob Barazzoul

18. Patricia Lam

19. Matt Esbrook

20. Michael Byers

21. Matthew Devine

22. Brett Lewis

23. Travis Orr

24. Scott Cramton

25. Tim Bold

26. Jason Allen

27. Alexander Monroe

28. Adam Friedman

29. Miguel Matijo

30. Bradely Wilson

31. Ricky Kirk

32. Anthony Barnstable

Let’s hear it for all of our finalists who will be moving on to Day Three! However, if any of the above players cannot compete in Saturday’s final event, here is the list of alternates:

A1. Thaddeus D. Jasiczek

A2. Scott Peterson

A3. Jaylon Major

A4. Rob Brunskill


One more time, let’s hear it for all of the competitors who have taken part in the 2014U.S. HeroClix National Championship! It’s been a stellar event!