HeroClix Nationals Road to Worlds

Live Update from U.S. HeroClix Nationals Day Two!

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Greetings from Origins Game Fair 2014!

It’s the second day of the U.S. HeroClix National Qualifiers and the competition has been impressive with even more interesting stategies and tactics revealing themselves during the course of this exciting sealed event!

As we enter the fourth round of competition, here are some of the undefeated teams (again, in no particular order) that have stood out on the field of battle:

1. Matt Bell

Headpool (w/ “Noogie! Word balloon, DP #002) – 38 pts.

Animus (DP #016) – 78 pts.

Takion (S-LoSH #051) – 175 pts.


2. Ryan Ross

Tiamat (DP #057)


3. Kenji Kaneshiro

Domino (DP #027) – 89 pts.

Vamp (DP #017) – 78 pts.

Phantom Girl (S-LoSH #008) – 72 pts.

The Professor (DP #007b) – 34 pts.

Race Car (S-LoSH) – 22 pts.

As one can imagine, sealed play presents its own brand of unique challenges in a competitive tournament environment but these teams definitely stand out! It will be interesting to see what each of these players bring to the constucted arena if the should qualify for Saturday’s U.S. HeroClix National Cgampionship event! Please join us in wishing all of our competitors the best of luck!