Congratulations to the 2014 U.S. HeroClix National Champion!

Published on June 14th, 2014

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Greetings from Origins Game Fair HeroClix Fans!

This week thousands of gaming fans and enthusiasts made the trek to Columbus, Ohio for Origins Game Fair 2014! Fans, manufacturers, retailers and more all rubbed shoulders and celebrated together all of the things we enjoy about gaming.

Origins Game Fair was also the proud host of the 2014 U.S. HeroClix National Championship, and HeroClix players from all ove the country converged upon the event in the hopes of battling it out over three days of grueling competition to emerge victorious!

Finally, after threedays of play and countless hours of planning, one player fought to the top. We are very pleased to announce that out 2014 U.S. HeroClix National Champion is Adam Friedman!

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Our congratulations to Adam Friedman for his hard-fough victory and his well-earned seat at the 2014 HeroClix World Championship this August at Gen Con Indy!

Adam Friedman’s 2014 U.S. HeroClix National Championship Team:

Lydea Mallor (S-LoSH #057, with Parallax entity, WoL #65) – 104 pts. (79 pts. for Lydea Mallor and 25 for Parallax)

White Witch (S-LoSH #047a, with Ophidian entity, WoL #063) – 112 pts. (87 pts. for White Witch and 25 pts. for Ophidian)

Splitlip (FI #301) – 20 pts.

Batgirl (BM #209) – 25 pts.

Lawyer (FI #B010) – 3 pts.

Protestor (FI #B011) – 3 pts.

Civilian (FI #B013) – 3pts.

Book of the Skull and all Hammers -30 pts.

Sideline: Black Witch (S-LoSH #047b)


And here are the rest of the Top 8 Players’ teams as well!

Second Place: Scott Lovelady

Iron Man x2 (M10 #009) – 250 pts.

Splitlip (FI #301) – 20 pts.

Lawyer (FI #B010) – 3 pts.

Book of the Skull with all Hammers (except Nerkkod’s) – 27 pts.


Third Place: George Massu

Aloysha Kraven (ASM #031b) – 70 pts.

Wonder Girl (TT #008) – 81 pts.

Loki (FI #101) – 30 pts.

Skadi’s Warbot (FI #B002) – 30 pts.

Splitlip (FI #301) – 20 pts.

Astral Dr. Strange (GG #014a) – 13 pts.

Ophidian Entity (WoL #063) – 25 pts.

Book of the Skull and all Hammers – 30 pts.

Sideline: Gulyadkin the Lion


Fourth Place: Tim Bold

Iron Pharaoh (IIM #051) – 120 pts.

Black Talon (DP #043) – 60 pts.

Scarlet Witch x2 (CW: FF#006) – 100 pts

Power Plant resource and all of the Rings of the Mandarin – 30 pts.



Fifth Place: Jason Allen

Emerald Empress (S-LoSH #040, with Utility Belt) – 122 pts. (115 pts. for Emerald Empress and 7 pts. for Utility Belt)

Enchantess x2 (JL52 # 016) – 100 pts.

Damian Hellstrom (ASM #009) – 66 pts.

Midnight Sons Additional Team Ability (on Damian Hellstrom) – 4 pts.


Sixth Place: Bryan Santana

Alpha-Class Sentinel: Attack Mode (DoFP #G001) – 150 pts.

Madame Web (ASM #048) – 24 pts.

Weasel (DP #020) – 27 pts.

Black Talon (DP #043) – 60 pts.

Phoenix Force resource and all Shards (assigned to Alpha-Class Sentinel and Black Talon) – 33 pts.

Sideline: Alpha-Class Sentinel: Defense Mode


Seventh Place: Derek Thompson

Evil Deadpool (DP #019b, with Parallax entity, WoL #065) – 125 pts. (100 pts. for Evil Deadpool and 25 pts. for Parallax entity)

Colleen Wing (ASM #008) – 55 pts.

Bizarro (S-LoSh #039) – 25 pts.

Astral Doctor Strange (GG #014a) – 13 pts.

Splitlip (FI #301) – 20 pts.

Blind Al (DP #018) – 13 pts.

Book of the Skull and all Hammers – 30 pts.


Eighth Place: Nick Peterson

Loki (FI #101) – 30 pts.

Bizarro (S-LoSH #039) – 25 pts.

Enchantess (JL52 #016) – 50 pts.

Whizzer (DP #053b, with Parallax entity, WoL #065 and Utility Belt) – 159 pts. (120 pts. for Whizzer, 25 pts. for Parallax entity, 14 pts. for Utility Belt)

Skadi’s Warbot (FI #B002) – 30 pts.


Congratulations to all of our Finalists! We’ll hopefully see you all at Gen Con Indy for the 2014 HeroClix World Championship!!!



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